Top 10 Survey Sites to make money online:

Before this, let me tell you about Top 10 Survey Sites to earn money online, before that I have a question with you, do you have patience? If not, you can leave this  blog without reading.

Because you should be patient to earn money from the Internet. If your answer is yes then this link of make money online tips  is presented in Top 10 Survey Sites which is 100% trusted. As a survey website, you can easily earn your pocket money by doing a part time job.

Top 10 Survey Sites to make money online:

Top 10 Survey Sites to make money online in 2020



1 Top 10 Survey Sites to make money online

2 1. Toluna

3 2. IpanelOnline

4 3. Telly Pulse

5 4. ValuedOpinions

6 5. IndiaSpeaks

7  6. The Panel Station

8 7. OpinionBureau

9 8. PaidViewPoint 

10 9. GlobalTestMarket

11 10. Viewfruits

Friends, if you want to earn money online from the survey site, then many survey sites India on the internet, which gives you money in exchange for working part time. But if your dream is to earn a lot of money, then this survey website can not get you a lot of money. But it gives you a chance to earn money for your small fat requirements.

By completing these surveys, how much you can reduce in a month and which is the best survey website, you will get complete information through this article. So let’s know about the top survey website and also know how much money we can earn online in a month by doing a part time online job.

Friends, as much as trusted survey websites run on the Internet, they all mean to say all over the world, that means survey advertisements from all over the world through their site. And the survey company conducts surveys according to the client’s requirement.

Suppose an organization wants to know the opinion of the people of India on a subject, then only people of India can participate in this type of survey. And when this type of survey is done online, the company pays commission to the person participating in the survey. The company only pays commission to those people who are members of the company and participate in the survey.

This commission depends on the information sought in the survey. The more information is asked in the survey, the higher the commission. Usually you get between Rs 5 and Rs 50 each. So let’s start with complete information.

  • Do not join only 2 or 3 survey sites, join at least 10 survey sites. Because Indian ads are not available all the time, the more networks you join, the more chances will be there. And the more you can do kama too.

  • Suppose if you join 10 survey sites and you earn 500 rs month from every site, then 500 * 10 = 5000 rupees will be earned for the month and according to part time this amount is not reduced.

Top 10 Survey sites to earn money online:-

1. Toluna: is like a social network, in this you can follow people, you can also post messages on their wall. In Toluna you can earn online money by 3 steps.

By participating in paid surveys or profile surveys.

By creating polls and topics of good quality.

Invite friends and make Toluna a member.

Payment methods for Indian users–


Gift vouchers (Flipkart, Jabong, Indiatime shopping, ammado)

2. IpanelOnline:

Ipanel is the world’s top 10 professional online sample collecting company for market survey companies. From this company you will get from 1 to 100 points for every survey. Where 1 point = 1rs and yes everyday you will get 1 point just for logging in.

Payment methods for Indian users-


gadgets (camera, ipod, laptop).

3. Telly Pulse:

The Telly Pulse company was launched in 2011 by Star India Pvt. Ltd. Is owned by

Payment methods-

Flipkart E-Voucher

Big Cinemas Movie Voucher

4. ValuedOpinions:

Valued Opinions Site is a Leading online surveyor company. In this company you can pay up to 30-60 rupees on every survey.

Payment methods for Indian users-

Flipkart E-Voucher

Ticket Compliment gift Voucher

Amazon Gift Cards

5. IndiaSpeaks:

Indiaspeaks must have heard if not otherwise, after registering in this site, when any campaign will be available for survey, then notification will be sent to you by email. And you can kama up to 20 rupees on every survey.

Payment methods-

Gift vouchers (Lifestyle, Pantaloon etc.)

Mobile Recharge (PayTM recently added)

Demand drafts

 6. The Panel Station

Panel Station is also a very good survey site through which Acha paisa kama can be done, minimum payment is at 3000 which is equal to Rs 300.

Its payment method is-

E-Voucher (Flipkart, Paytm, Freecharge, and shoppers stop)

Movies DVD’s

PayPal (Recently added)

7. OpinionBureau

This is also the website of an online survey company. Although this website does not notify you for surveys by mail, yet this survey website is very cool and you can earn up to 50-100 rupees for every service. And the minimum payout is 250 rupees.

Payment Methods-

E-Vouchers (Flipkart, Amazon, Freecharge)

Paypal (recently added)

8. PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint is generated by the task search engine. Every survey is about 10 questions on this website. And on every survey you get maximum rupees.And at least 15 $ kamane will be required for payout.

Payment method –

Only Paypal (For everyone)

9. GlobalTestMarket

With GlobalTestMarket, you will get 5-40 points on every survey, which you can withdraw when it is 1000 points. 1000 points means $ 50 which is equal to about 3000.

Payment methods for Indian users-

E-Voucher (Homeshop18, Flipkart, Makemytrip and Jabong)



10. Viewfruits

In Viewfruit, you can kama up to 100-500 points on every survey. That is 500 points = $ 1. And you can refer your friends as well, for which you will also get points. The minimum redeem points is 2500.

Payment methods for Indian users-



Hope you guys will definitely like the information about Top 10 Survey Sites to earn money online in India. If you too are bored sitting at home or you want to do an online part time job. So do not miss trying your hand at it.

So this was the complete tutorial about Top 10 survey sites to earn money online.plz share this with your friends so that they can also earn.

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