Top 5 best cloud Storage Services in 2021:

 Amazing changes are coming in the world of file sharing and storage.  At first people used to use floppy disks for the transfer of data and files, which provided very little storage space.

 Then later came the era of CDs and DVDs and people started using them as main storage devices.  The era of CDs and DVDs was not going to last long, and then came flash drives aka pen drives, which is still a great way to transfer files and your data from one device to another.

 But now what is the future of file sharing after this?


 1 What is Cloud Storage?

 2. Top 5  Best Cloud Services to store your data.


 Cloud storage:

 Cloud storage is not a new concept anyway.  Even after coming to Cloud Storage, it has been a long time, but still not many people know about it at all.

Top 5 best cloud Storage Services in 2021:

 Today, in this article, we will first know briefly about cloud storage and then we will know Top 5 best cloud storage services that you can save and keep important data used in your daily life and from anywhere around the world,  Can access at any time.

 What is Cloud Storage?

 Basically, we mean cloud in Cloud Storage from any place which is universally available to us anytime, through the internet.  So cloud storage is a storage place in which you can save all your files and folders or say any kind of data and use the credentials of your Cloud Storage account to use worldwide, anytime,  Can be accessed from anywhere through the Internet.

 In other words, you can do the work of your physical storage devices such as pen drives without anything, only through the Internet.  I hope you have understood the concept of Cloud Storage well.

 Before we get to know about the companies offering the best cloud services, let’s first quickly learn about the benefits of Cloud Services:

 Perfect Storage Solution:

 It is like one of your pendrive on the Internet which you just don’t have to carry with you.


 Security is its second best feature.  Many cloud companies scan your files beforehand for any living threats and viruses and authenticate your data with username and password and keep it completely secure.  That is, nobody can access your files without username and password.

 Your physical storage device such as pen drive can be damaged or lost at any time and there is a chance of loss of your data.  But in cloud services, your data is secure as long as you want and there is no need to worry at all.

 Sync and Backup:

 In Physical Storage Devices you have to manually update your data repeatedly and sometimes you forget to update the data due to which you have to bear loss.  But Cloud softwares is created and set to be in sync with your PC or any of your other devices.  By doing this, your data automatically stays in sync and your files are always backed up.


 Cloud Services offers its services for almost every device.  That is, instead of using these services in the web browser of your Desktop PC or Laptop, you can also use all other devices such as PC based applications, Smartphone and Tablet apps.

 So these were some advantages of keeping your data on online cloud services.  So, let’s quickly learn about the top 5 best cloud services.

Top 5  Best Cloud Services to store your data:

 1. Google Drive

Top 5 best cloud Storage Services in 2020

 Google Drive offers the best cloud services for us.

 It also provides us with one of the most used email services, a social network, an online document / spreadsheet service and many other products and services.  Now Google with its cloud service, has brought all its services under one roof.  Now it is adding 15 GB of space for free by adding the storage of all its services.

 In addition, if someone is more impressed with all these services of Google Drive, then they can also buy more storage by purchasing their plans.


 2. Amazon Cloud Drive

 Amazon is already a big player in the field of eCommerce.  Recently, he has also entered the technology market regarding his products and services, especially with his Kindle devices.


 By not being a vendor of only online things, and by not confining its services to its devices like kindle, Amazon has moved ahead in the world of technology.

 Amazon’s cloud drive is providing 5 Gb free space and providing unlimited storage for photos.

 If your cloud requirement is only to handle your precious photos then Amazon cloud drive is the best option for you.

 They also offer you 3 months free trial and if you also say unlimited storage then you can get it for only $ 59 / year.

 3. OneDrive


 OneDrive is another great product from Microsoft.

 It provides 5 GB of free space for everyone and additionally you can get 50 GB of storage by paying $ 1.9 every month.

 Their first email service has been transferred to which is associated with SkyDrive.  This means that all your email services are also linked with Cloud, just like Google.

 To use this cloud space, you do not even have to install skydrive on your computer.  Simply login to your skydrive account and start uploading your files.

 4. Dropbox:


 Dropbox is another famous cloud storage service that provides you 2 GB of free space to start.  You can increase your free space by referring other users.

 I use Dropbox for my day to day needs.

 They have a 2-step authentication process for added security.

 There are also many addons to extend the features of Dropbox.  I have upgraded to Business account of Dropbox and this was one of the best decision which I have taken recently.

 I get 1TB cloud space for $ 99 a year, which is enough for my personal needs.

 The files we know in Dropbox can also be connected and shared with other accounts.  They can also be accessed from mobile phones and tablets.

 It is also one of the most used cloud services in the world.

 5. BitCasa

 Bitcasa – Infinite storage is one of the world’s cool storage services.

 It provides 10 GB of free storage for every user.  And the best thing about it is an infinite storage medium, in which we get unlimited storage for only $ 99 a year.

 Mentioned here and no other service offers such.



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