How to make money with whatsapp: Hello Friends In today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can easily earn money using Whatsapp.

 How to make money with whatsapp:

 Friends, as you all know that today everybody wants that they can earn money sitting at home very easily, but due to lack of Genuine Information, many times they are unable to earn money or they cannot get money. So in today’s article, we are going to tell you that How to make money with whatsapp  , Top 5 ways to earn money from whatsapp so that you will be able to earn good money sitting at home from your phone very easily.

How to make money with whatsapp:

 Before that, let us tell you that there are many ways to make money from Whatsapp, some are very effective, from which you can easily earn a lot of money and there are some ways that you will earn money but a little slowly, let’s see  Let’s find out what those methods are.

 Top 5 Best Methods How to make money with whatsapp:

 1. Sponsorship

 Promotion gets the most money on the Internet, because any business, be it small or big, cannot grow without promotion.  This method can also be called Sponsorship in Technical Language.

 To do this work you need some sponsor, who want to promote their products, and give money to them.

 Let us tell you with a small example- Suppose there is a shop in your Local Area, then it is necessary that people will want to know about its shop and its products, so that its sales can increase.

 In such a situation, if you offer him the promotion of his shop and product through Whatsapp, then he will also give you money instead, which will start earning you, in this way you can earn money sitting at home by promoting many shops.

 This was a small example, you can also do this work at a large level.

 2. Traffic Engagement

 Blog or YouTube Channel is the second most powerful source to earn money on the Internet, you can create a blog or YouTube channel, so that you can publish whatever is on your blog or YouTube channel, share its link on Whatsapp,  People will get information about your post or video and people will visit your blog or YouTube channel.

 In this way you will get traffic and you will easily be able to earn money through your blog or YouTube channel.

 3. Affiliate Marketing:

 Affiliate Marketing is the third most powerful method of earning money on the Internet, you must have known that today people make their orders at home through the Internet, now you can join the affiliate program of Amazon or other Shoping Website.  .

 What will happen with this is that if a user does Shoping through your shared product (Affiliate Link), then you get some Percent of that Shoping.  Which causes your earning.

 Let’s see an example: Suppose you have joined Amazon’s Affiliate Program, now there is a new phone launch, which has many features and the price is also very low, in such a way, if you use that phone through Affiliate Link Whatsapp  If you share, it is important that some people will also purchase that phone, then it is just your earning, in this way you share daily new and cheap products on Affiliate Links Whatsapp and easily How to make money with whatsapp    And better way.

 4. Referral Apps:

 Today Referral Apps has also become a better way to earn money online, you may have heard that some people make good money today through Referral Code on Apps.  Let us also understand this concept.

 You will find many such Android Apps on the Play store, which give you Referral money, in most apps you are given Paytm Cash, in which the more members you add, the more you will get money.

 Now there is no such app, there are many apps, so you download these apps, only then you will get some cash, after that you will get cash even when you refer, because Earning is only 10 rupees or 20  It costs Rs, but if you do this on 10 Apps, you can easily get up to 200 rupees in a day.

 Now if you look for 30 days according to 200, then you get 6000 rupees from these apps.  In this way you can easily earn good money just by using Referral Apps.

 5. PPD:

 On the Internet, you also get PPD Sites i.e. Pay Per Download Sites, in which the more downloads you get through your link, the higher your income is.

 Now understand the way and how to do this – on PPD Sites you have to upload files such as PDF Files or Video Files, the higher your file size, the more the commission.

 For example: You must have seen that people have a lot of desire to download movies trailers or download video songs, but they cannot find the right videos, so if you download the video first and upload it by going to PPD Sites  , From which you will get the Download Link, now you share that link through Whats-app Groups or Broadcast, then some people will download that video.

 Through which PPD Site will pay you, in this way you can also earn good money by uploading files through PPD Websites.


 The 5 methods that we have told you in this How to make money with whatsapp   article, are all very popular genuine of all, using which many people are earning money today.  You can also easily make money from your Whats-app by using these methods.

 You must tell us in the Comment Box that which of these methods you find easier and which method you want Detail Information about.

 For such interesting and knowledgeable information, stay connected with us, if you liked this article, then definitely share it with friends too.

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