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 Are you a new blogger? Or are you looking for such ad networks so that you can monetize your new and low traffic blog?

 If you have answers, then today is going to be lucky for you.

 Today I am going to tell you about 6 advertising networks which are very beneficial for new bloggers.

 AdSense is undoubtedly the best ad platform because the quality of its ads is good, but the problem is that getting approval of AdSense is not so easy.  Even having a 6 month old domain is also a myth.  Not everyone is lucky enough to get approval quickly from AdSense.

 Unique content is not the only factor for obtaining AdSense approval.  There are many other factors that AdSense sees in your website before it approves you.

 Small blogs usually do not get AdSense approval so easily, so I have found some other ad networks for new bloggers.

 Note: There are many ad networks available nowadays.  But all these ad networks are not good.  This is often tricked by bloggers when it comes time to payout, even if your payout has reached.

 But I have listed below 6 trustworthy ad networks for you so that you can monetize your blog.

 This article has been written especially for small bloggers.  If you are a small blogger, then it will prove to be a gold mine for you.

Top 6 best alternatives of Adsense

So this will be tutorial that Top 6 best Adsense alternative for blogger.


 6 Ad Networks for 1 small publishers, for quick approval

 1.1 PopAds

 1.2 Propellerads

 1.3 Revenue Hits

 1.4 Bidvertiser

 1.5 Chitika

 1.6 Infolinks

Top 6 best alternative of Adsense:


 PopAds is a premium pop ad network. 

 This is a great ad network for small publishers as they do not have minimum traffic requirements.

 They allow all types of blogs including websites with adult content.  Once you signup, you have to setup the auto-withdrawal option.  In this manner, whenever you reach the minimum payout, you will be paid automatically.

 Its approval is instant.  Yes, but after adding the website one has to wait for 24 hours for verification.

 Pros of PopAds:

 If comparing it to other networks then CPM rates are good.

 No minimum traffic is required.

 The minimum payout is $ 5.

 There is an option of auto money withdrawal.

 Cons of PopAds:

 Payment mode is PayPal and Payoneer only.

 Join popads


 Propellerads is a CPM network that is great for any beginner or a new blogger.  You just have to do these things after you signup.

 Just after this you can get money between $ 1- $ 4 for 1000 views.

 The minimum payout is $ 25.

 It is very easy to start with Propellerads and they pay with Payoneer, WebmoneyZ and other methods.

 Revenue Hits:

 Revenue Hits is quite different if we compare it with other ad networks mentioned in this list.

 Revenue Hits does not pay you for any kind of clicks and impressions.  They only pay when the click turns into an action.  For example, if the advertiser needs some information from the user, they advertise using Revenue Hits.

 Publishers put ad code on their blog.  When a visitor clicks on the ad and gives his name and email to the advertiser, then the publisher gets the money.

 They pay up to $ 10- $ 15 for an action.

 The minimum payout is $ 50.

 He pays with PayPal, Payoneer and bank transfer.

 I have seen many publishers who earn $ 10 to $ 100 daily using this ad network.  This ad network also has no minimum traffic requirement.

 Pros of Revenue Hits:

  •  CPA rates are very high.

  •  When comparing to networks like AdSense, the payout rate is also fine.

  •  Support is great.

  •  Instant activation offer

 Cons of Revenue Hits:

  •  Their ad format.  They do not allow CPC or CPM methods.  They only pay for actions.



 It started in 2002, so it is one of the oldest ad network.

 They offer large range of ad formats.

 More ad formats means more ads, more clicks and more money.

 Bidvertiser’s minimum payout is $ 10 from PayPal, $ 20 from check and $ 50 for bank transfer.

 Bidvertiser Pros:

  •  The minimum payout is quite low.

  •  They offer many ad formats.

 Cons of Bidvertiser:

  •  Their ads are not high quality,

  •  The interface looks outdated and outdated.

  •  Earning potential is low

  •  It does not support free blogs.

  •  You are paid by PayPal, Payza and check.


 Earlier Chitika used to be a top alternative of AdSense.

 Due to advancements of technology over time, many other ad networks have replaced Chitika now.

 But one thing is still the same and that is that Chitika is still popular among new bloggers.

 This is because:

 Low Minimum Payout ($ 10 via PayPal)

 Easy to use interface

 There is no minimum traffic requirement.

 One thing that you should know about Chitika is that it only works with search traffic.  If you do not have search traffic, do not use Chitika.

 If the maximum traffic coming to your site comes from social media, then you should use other ad networks mentioned.

 Chitika’s Pros

  •  There is no minimum traffic requirement.

  •  There is great support for both Publishers and Advertisers.

 Cons of Chitika

  •  It works on zero tolerance policy, any invalid click can get your account banned permanently.

  •  Chitika monetizes search traffic only.

  •  It takes a short time for devalion of approval or rejection.

  •  There is not a great network to earn money.


 Infolinks is also another popular ad program that is popular and friendly with newbie bloggers.

 It offers many ad types and is particularly known for their popular in-text ads.

 You can read the full review of Infolinks here:

 Infolinks Review – Can You Make Money Through Your Blog?

 Pros of Infolinks:

  •  Is a trusted advertising company.

  •  Payouts are on time.

Cons of infolinks:

  •  The minimum payout is $ 50.

 All the above mentioned networks may not be as popular as AdSense and, but new bloggers who want to monetize their blogs are great for them.


 Do you know any other networks that will be right for new bloggers, then tell us through comments.

So these was the Top 6 best alternatives of Adsense for new bloggers.

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