Today, technology has moved forward in the world.  Today everyone in the world uses technology and wants to know about the new technology.

 The person who uses the computer uses a similar Sever.  He is aware of cloud computing and not many people know about what is cloud computing, because it is a great software.

 It is also important for people who use computers.  Today many people have started using cloud computing instead of hard disk, because hard disk and it are for the same task.  If a person applies it, it is also very cheap.

 What is cloud computing?

 Clouding computing is a technology.  Inside it, various types of services are provided with the help of the internet.  These services can be of any type, whether it is software of any kind or Server to save any type of storage or any kind of service which is related to the computer.

What is cloud computing?

 Clouding computing is provided via the Internet on user demand.  In simple language, this technology provides service of data storage through the internet.

 Cloud computing refers to any type of hosted service distributed over the Internet.  These services often include servers, databases, software, networks, analytics and other computing functions, which can be operated via the cloud.

 What are examples of cloud computing?

 Cloud computing is one of the many examples, of which a few selected examples that a person often employs are as follows.

 Email: – We have often seen that every person has an email service and there are many companies that use email, be it Gmail, Yahoo Mail.  All the company uses it for online storage space, as it uses Dropbox, Inbox etc. inside it.

 Facebook: – Facebook is the most preferred social media platform in the world.  Where many people have maintained their profile and now its data is also present there.  Today, if you want to see the profile of any type of person or any company or any person, then we get it.  All this work is done using cloud computing.

 YouTube: – Today everyone uses YouTube.  Today YouTube is one such platform.  Where millions of videos have been uploaded and are going on.  YouTube has used cloud computing to upload so many Youtube videos and to maintain storage.

 Types of cloud computing:

 Cloud computing is not a chip or cell phone of any kind.  It is a type of software.  There are three types, let’s know;

 Software as-a-service (SaaS) includes software applications.  It is found inside Microsoft Office 365.  This type of software application is a license.  It is provided exclusively in computers through the Pay-as-you-go model or on demand.

 Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): – It is part of an on demand service.  It serves to transport everything from the operating system to the server and store data inside it through IP based connectivity.  One can use cloud computing and avoid buying any type of software and servers.

 Platform as a service (PaaS) – This is the most complex part of cloud computing.  It shares in common with Saas.  It mainly has two platforms.  Including salesforce.com and heroku.

 Benefits of cloud computing:

 Cloud computing is a technology.  Which is definitely used by people who use computer service, because it has many benefits.  Let us know what its benefits are.

  •  Through cloud computing a lot of data can be saved on the cloud and can be used according to your need.

  •  Through this, any data can be accessed easily and can be used on any device.

  •  There is more processing power inside it, whoever wants to use more processing power or wants to increase its processing power.

  • Cloud computing does not require much money to buy, as it does not have to be expensive to buy.

  •  This does not require a person to go to the computer repairing one because it is the software to be installed.

  •  Its use is very beneficial for big users because it has the ability to store a lot of data inside itself.

  •  It can be increased and reduced according to your wish.

 Disadvantages of cloud computing:

 The person is at risk of some harm when using cloud computing.  Let us know what this loss is.

  •  In cloud computing, anyone can access your data.

  •  Any kind of cyber attack can happen on your data at any time because it is connected to the internet which is not secure.

  •  Cloud data management is a very complex task.

  •  After internet connectivity is gone, your work may also stop.

  •  Sometimes due to internet connection problems your data can also fly.

 How does cloud computing work?

 Cloud computing is used in many tasks.  It is installed and used in the computer.  It can be installed in more than one.  It also has a lot of software.  Clouding computing works especially on dual layers technology.  Inside it there are different layers to manage the server, which is called the back end.

 Inside it is the second layer that the client uses and where it goes to the front end.  Similarly, both the backend and the front end run Cloud Computing’s servers.  It stores the storage inside the cloud computing server and provides it to the user according to its own.

 For this, one has to install it on his computer.  It has 20gb of storage equivalent to a 500 GB hard disk.  Which makes the person use hard disk space.  Just as the hard disk works, so does cloud computing.

 FAQ.  About Cloud Computing:

 What is Cloud Computing?

 Cloud computing is a general term for any service hosted on the Internet.

 What is the type of cloud computing?

 It is of three types.  1. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), 2. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

 What are the benefits of cloud computing?

 There are many benefits of cloud computing which are mentioned above.

 Cloud Computing meaning?

 An arrangement made to secure any content on the server through the Internet is called cloud computing.


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