10 Tips of How to Increase site Loading Speed:

Website Blog Ki Loading Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye Top 10 Important Speed ​​Tips.  It is necessary to increase the speed on Hindi blogs to increase traffic from Google.  When the loading speed of a blogger website is not good.Or the loading time of the blog opens much longer.So traffic will not increase on our blog.Because when visitors come to our blog.And it takes longer to open the website page.  Therefore, they leave that blog and go to another blog website.Which is not good for us and cannot do blog success without traffic.

To get a better ranking of the website, the page speed of the website should be 80-95 something. Google has also added blog speed to Algorithm.And visitors also like fast loading site.And likes to come to the site again.Optimize for website blog fast loading should start.


 How Increase Website Blog Speed ​​loading?Do you know that the biggest reason for not getting traffic on websites and blogs is the fast loading of the website.  Once you think you like a site that is fast open, then why won’t visitors.

Visitors also like fast-loading websites more.  Because 60-70% people have slow 2G Internet.  If a website with fast loading is open too late in 2G connection, then the slow site will be open even longer.

So this will be the complete tutorial of How to increase site speed or Top 10 ways to increase site traffic.

Why does the website have Speed ​​Slow?(How To Increase Blog Speed ​​Loading):

  •  Website page size

  •  Not mobile-friendly

  •  Image size

  •  Google AdSense & other ads No Optimize

  •  HTML, JavaScript & CSS Code to be   Uncompress

  •  Using Advance Features widget slows site loading speed

  •  By setting background-image

  •  other

How to increase Blog/Website  Speed ​​Badhane:

To increase the loading speed of your website, many tips have been given in Hindi.Follow the small steps given below.  So even with small work, there are enough for the website.

Increase Website (Blog) Speed ​​by Compress Code:

 To speed up blogger blog, code has to be compressed. If the code is not compress then it can be good for you but not good for uses and visitors, it is very slow to load the page.  , to increase the speed of website blogger, you can speed up loading of blog by reducing the size of HTML compressor by reducing the size of code like HTML, JavaScript, CSS with HTML Compressor – Website Loading Speed ​​can-HTML Compressor

 Sizing of Image (Photo / Picture):

 Reducing the size of photo images in blogger blog increases blog loading speed.  While preparing any post, the image size should be reduced before uploading the image.  To reduce the size of the photo, you will find many online sites.  With the help of which the photo image can be compressed.

Due to the size of the photo, the website opens faster.  Image size should be between 10kb to 30kb.Blog image optimizer and Compress Online Site List- Smush.it,Jpeg-optimizer or Image Optimizer,Optimizilla.

 Reduce Number Of Widget:

 Do not keep more and more Widget in Blogger or WordPress, in the blog more and more all widgets like Facebook like box widget, subscribe box widget, popup subscribe widget, popup like box widget, social share widget, Facebook group join box widget etc.  Do it, the loading of blog websites is very slow.

 Avoid Too Many Ads (Avoid using more AIDS):

 What many people do is put more and more ads in the blog website like Google Adsense, Amazon Ads (Affiliates), Adnow.  Applying more ads to the website can neither result in higher income nor can traffic come because by putting more ads, Google earns less and page speed also slows down.  I say you use less ads

Use Fast Loading Template (Theme):

Use the Template Theme with Speed ​​Loading in the blog website.  Templates with speed loading should be both SEO and mobile-friendly, this will improve your blog search and loading will also be fast.  fast loading will give good traffic

Remove Background Image:

 Placing an image photo in the background of the website gives good looking but is not good for blog loading.  So remove background image in Blogger or WordPress

 Checking Loading Speed ​​ and  Increase  with Online Tools:

Everyone wants bloggers to get maximum traffic and unique visitors on website blogs.  I would like to tell all those people that you must first speed up the loading of the blog, to optimize the site to increase the loading of the blog.  To optimize the website, the use of online tools has to be taken.  With online loading test tools you can find out the reason for the speed loading slow of the blog. Online tools will also show the option to increase the speed to slow speed and how it is fixed FIX, you will also find it there.

  •  Gtmetrix.

  •  PageSpeed ​​Insights (Google Developers).

  •  Webpage Analyzer.

  •  Pingdom Tools.

  •  Webpage test.

  •  Load impact.

  •  Dare Boots.

 Best Hosting (Fast Server):

 If your website is on WordPress.  So do not use Cheap Hosting.  Because their server is not good.  Sometimes their server goes down.  We lose traffic from the server down.  And our position also falls.

Therefore, everything has to be kept in mind.There are many websites on the internet.Whose loading speed is very good. 

Speed ​​test of both website bloggers and wordpress can be done with online tools.  And with these tools, the blog can be optimized and compressed.Blog speed matters to get traffic.Google Search engine Or Visitors likes both if your site loading speed is less than 80-85%.And speed increase is not coming.So you can contact the web developers.


So this was the tutorial of how to increase site speed or Top 10 ways to increase site speed.If you have liked it then plz share it with your friends.

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