Difference Between Smart TV And Android TV:

Smart TV and Android TV Difference?  In today’s era, everything has changed.TV used to come in earlier times, then LCD, LED TV came. But in 2008 Smart TV was launched for the first time.  But there was no information about it in the market.

Therefore, some people do not have much information about Smart TV.  Smart TV runs instantly like Android.  But sometimes many questions come to our mind.

 What is Smart TV?  (What are Smart TVs?).  And What is Android Tv?  (What is Android TV?) Difference between Smart TV & Smart TV?  What are the differences between the two?  People have a lot of confusion about this.

 We all know, Android is an Operating System.Those who run devices like Mobile,Tablet.In which all apps can be installed. Apps can run.

Difference between android tv and smart tv

It also has Ram, Rom, Processor.  In the same way, Android-made TV has been named Smart TV.  Which can also be called Android Tv.

 But what are the differences between Android TV and Smart Tv?  You will see this below.  Only then you will be able to understand well.  Otherwise it will be confusing.  Let us know in the details-

What is Smart TV?

 Smart TV means to make work easier in a smart way.  Such as Internet Connection, gesture, identification, Bluetooth and Advance technology like wifi make the work easy.

You all know that many options have started coming in today’s LED TVs.  Many new options like USB PORT, HDTV PORT, HDMI PORT, etc. have come.  And most of all people know them too.  But do you know, apart from all these options, TV has started coming in like mobile phones.

In which we can run Android Apps, Download & install, internet Browser, Google Assistant, Google Map, etc.  With which we can run any number of apps like any Movie, Channel, News, YouTube etc.

You can watch anything online on this Smart TV anytime.  Because earlier people had to recharge to watch the channel on Dish.  But in today’s Smart TV, you can watch everything from Internet data for free.

In which features like Wifi, Bluetooth, Hotspot and Android Support have started coming.  Hence the name Smart TV.


Not all Smart Tv are made from Android.  Some TVs are made of Tizen Os.  Some are made from webOS.In which there are apps up to some limit. Like some of Samsung’s smart TVs.

Like Mobile Samsung Z1, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z4 etc.  By the way, some TVs from Samsung which are made by Tizen Os.  In which some are able to install apps up to the limit.  They are not Android TV.  Therefore, they cannot be called Android TV clean.

What is Android TV?

 This Android TV also works like a Smart TV.  It is also called smart Tv.  But those TVs are made of Android Operating System.  The same will be called Smart Tv.  All types of TVs have come to Android TV.  But some company’s Smart TVs that are not made of Android.

So all the TVs with Android are there.  All apps can run in them.  Even apps installed, download can be done.  APK apps can also be installed.  Google Play store is like mobile.  Anyone can download apps from there.  You can even play games.

 Internet connection and integrated smart systems like gesture detection, identification etc. can be called a smart TV in any TV.  Whereas, TV running on the Android operating system is called Android TV.

These are just like our mobiles, like the iPhone 11, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 are both Smartphones.  Samsung Galaxy S10 is the only Android device.  Because it runs on Android Os.

Therefore, it can be explained as a Quotes-

All Android TV is smart TV.  But not all Smart TVs are Android TVs.

Difference between Smart TV and Android TV Difference:

Here are different about Smart TV and Android Tv.Those who read you will understand the difference.Difference between Smart Tv and Android Tv.

Smart TV vs Android TV:

Smart TV:

  • Smart TV is Android TV, but not all TV.

  • Some TV cannot run all apps. 

  •  Not all Smart TVs can Android TV. 

  •  It does not cost much. 

  • It may require separate Android TV Boxes. 

Android TV:

  • Its type of TV is Android TV. 

  • This type of TV can play all apps.

  • All Android TVs are Smart TVs.

  •  it costs even more.

  • It does not require installing an Android TV Box.

What is an Android TV Box?  How to make Android TV with this?

You can make Android TV by putting an Android TV Box in an ordinary TV.  This is a small box.  Which can be connected via USB cable or HDMI cable to the TV.  And can run like a Smart TV.

In which all Android Apps can be installed.  Like- hotstar, Amazon Prime,Google Maps,Google Voice Assistant,Games, Facebook, WhatsApp,Google can all run.

Its price is easily available between Rs. 15000-30000.You can make Android TV by installing Android TV Box by purchasing Standard TV at a lower price.  Which is very good.  And can save your money.

So do you have Smart TV and Android TV Difference?  Must have understood that  Android TV is the best and best TV.

If you are going to buy Smart Television.  So remember, buy Android TV only.  Because we have explained it above.


If we have not corrected some information, then let us know by commenting below.  I hope you enjoy this information. So do 1 Share. Thank you

So this was the difference between smart tv and android tv.

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