If you are going to read this post, it means that you are searching Trick and tips about how to earn money from the internet.  Here we are going to tell you how to earn money from i.e Best URL Shortener Website for Earn Money, Short link is a better way to earn online.  There are a lot of ways to earn money from the internet like Blogging, Youtube, Affiliated marketing, Freelancing Job There are many such ways but Link Shortener is the easy way to earn money.

 I have been searching on the internet for a long time that link shorteners can actually earn money.On searching, I came to know about many link shortener websites, but many websites are giving little in the name of making money from link shorteners.

 After much research, I found a link shortener website called I am very happy because I was searching for a link shortener website for a long time.  However, apart from this, I also have many sources to earn money from the internet like Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsor.

Earn money from – In today’s post, I will tell you how to earn money with url shortener se paise because in today’s time, one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online is to earn money from url shortner link.

How to earn money with zagl

 Let us tell you how you will earn money from url shortner at home and what is the best way to do this.  And how to get an account in it?  how to use url shortener?

 Friends, though on the internet, you will find a url shortner link containing a lot of money kamane.  But it is not necessary that you will earn the most money.  But I will tell you about today, from here you can easily earn money.  It gives 100% percent money.  Must use it once.So this will be the review.Let’s start

 What is

 Zagl is a free tool through which you can shorten links.Money can also be made by shortening the link.

Shorten any link from Zagl website and share that short link anywhere, whenever someone clicks on that link, you will get money on that click.You get money from one dollar to ten dollars on 1000 clicks.

 If you make someone else create an account with your Zagl Referral link, then you get 50% of his earning.

 You can share your URL short link on Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp and other social media.  If you have a blog or website for something, you can paste its link. Whenever someone reads that blog post, the link will also be clicked.  If your blog has ten thousand traffic daily then there will be at least one thousand clicks on the Zagl short link.  Most people make money from zagl in this way.  The more traffic your website gets, the more money you will earn.

 Zagl’s minimum payout is $ 2, which transfers via PayPal.

 How to Earn Money with

 First of all, you have to create a zagl account, for that, open the website by clicking on the link given below.

 After opening the link, click on SIGN UP.  After that a form will open in front of you.

  •  Fill in the Username, Email ID and Password by clicking on I’m not a robot. Click on the check box and click on the Register button.

  •  Now your account has been successfully created.  Now sign in with your username and password.

  •  Zagl Dashboard has been opened, now click on New Shorten Link to shorten the link.

  •  After that, past the link and click on Shorten.

  •  Now the short link to has been created from your account.Put this shortner link in your blog post or share it on social media, whenever someone visits that link you will get money based on CPM.

 When the minimum in your Wallet is two dollars, then you can transfer money through PayPal.

In  you have to shorten the link.  After that the link has to be shared.  The more you click on your link, the more you will get money.  In url shortner you will get money in dollars.  And you can withdraw the money earned in it through your paypal, bitcoin or my wallet (for advertising). can earn at least $ 160 on 10,000 visits or clicks.  For example, 160 us dollar is 160 x 70 = 11200 rupees in India.  You can earn easily by link short in  And you can share its link in any small or big country.  If you get only 160 dollars, then it is very good.

 Now I will tell you what to do for kamane so much money.  Before this, let’s create an account in and learn more than said.  And how to share the link.

How to make account on

 To create an account in this, you have to follow the below link and steps.  If you create an account after that you will tell how to earn money with ..


  • You have to fill username, email id, password. Then click on i am not a robot.  Tick ​​I agree, then click on the register button.

 Friends, with the help of all these steps your account will be created in  And you will get the confirm link in the email and confirm from there.  After that your account will be easily created in

 So you have taught how you will create an account in url shortener Now let’s say how you will earn money from  What is the method of money kamane from url shortener? 

 How to earn money from url shortner

 Friends, if you want to earn money  from url shortener, then you will have to learn how to use it.  Because of this, different platforms exist for earn money.  Like whatsapp, facebook, telegram and other social media where you can share the link of

 Earn money from whatsapp:

If you want to earn money from whatsapp, then is a great url shortener platform for you.  For this, you have to create a group in which a lot of people can add at least more than 60 members.  You have to shorten the link to and share it in the group.  The more people visit your link, the more money will be made.  It has been told below how to shorten the link.

 Earn money from movies downloading website:

 If you have a movie downloading website, then you can easily make money with online url shortener.  In your movie website, you have to shorten the url in the movie download link to and put it in the download link.

 Then all the people will click on that download link.  This will be your money.  How to do this, I have also told about it below.

 Earn money by refer

 If you will get someone to join your refer link to, then 50% of the money earned by the other user will be received in your account.  This will benefit both people.  As my referral link is this.  From here also you can join and make money.  And others can be joined by sharing the link.

 How to earn money from social media:

 If you also have good followers on Facebook, then you can shorten the url in and share the link from there, you can easily make money on every click.  Apart from Facebook page, it works on many more social media.

Earn Money from youtube:

 If you have a good youtube subscriber then you can easily use  Shorten any affiliate or download link in your video link to url shortener and put it in YouTube description.  Your earnings will increase 3 times.  From adsense on youtube, url shortener and also from affiliate. 

 How to short link on Url shortener

 Follow the given step to shorten the link in url shortener.  And you can also take help of the image.

  •  1].  First of all login to

  •  2].  After that the dashboard will appear.  It will show your url here.  Paste any link you want to short in it.

  •  3].  After pasting the link, click on shorten.

  •  4].  Then you will see a new url just like that, “”.  Copy the written in it.

  •  5].  And share the link in whatsapp, Facebook movie download website.

 Friends, I have explained the above method of url shortener website se paise kamane that it is 100 percent real.Also seen earning in it.  So the more people visit the link, the more money you will get.

Tricks to make money from ZAGL:

 Money is received from zagl only when a short link from your zagl account visits.  You can click on that link by any means.  You must have understood my trick of what I am going to say.  Join many Facebook, Whatsapp Groups and share your link.  Add some words or photos with the link that attract more people and make your link visit.One can earn more than the help of this trick.

 Frequently asked questions:

 Is real or fake? is a very real website, with the help of this you can easily earn money.  How to earn money, I have explained this information in different methods.

 How to use

 Friends, to use the url shortener website, you just have to read the above mentioned method.  You have been told how to login in it, how to shorten the link, and where to share everything.

 How to work at

 You may have come to know from the above article that is a link shortener website that pays for clicks.  It gives 160 dollars on 10000 clicks.

 How to withdraw money from

 To withdraw money from this, you need paypal or bitcoin.  The money you earn will easily come in paypal. payout rates india payout rates for India is $ 160/1000, other than this, gives so much money for any country.


 Hope you all would have liked this information on how to earn money from So do share it with your friends.  And for similar url shortener website, follow us.

So this was detailed zagl review.If you want to signup for then plz do it by my refferal link.My refferal link 

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