How to increase website traffic?  (Increase Traffic To Your Blog)

 Increasing website ki traffic is most important.  The biggest reason for the failure of blogging on website blogger and wordpress is the lack of traffic on the blog.  Today, how do you increase traffic on your website blog?

Many people all over the world have created a Free / Paid website blog.  But not all are successful in blogging.  There can be many reasons for unsuccess in blogging.

How to increase traffic of your website

There may be reasons such as visitors not visiting website blog, blog name or contant post not appearing in Google search, lack of website loading speed, lack of Google AdSense approval, not using Seo keywords etc.

The biggest reason for bringing traffic to the blog is that people do not make the website completely and do not design a good blog.

Not everyone knows when to apply Google AdSense to a website?  And before that, let’s apply Google AdSense.  Google AdSense checks the blog and rejects it if something happens.

Many people do Tips Trick Search to increase blog traffic on Google.  Some people buy traffic to increase traffic on the website.

Traffic will come on the website.  But traffic will come for some time only.  And Google search ranking will be reduced.

Buying Traffic comes under Black Hat Seo Techniques.There will also be no Google AdSense earnings.I would like to recommend that you do not buy traffic on the blog and do good work, post good quality posts.

How to increase traffic of your website?  (How To Increase Traffic To Your Website)

 If you want to create traffic on the blog, first of all you have to complete the blog website completely and the website will have to be designed well.  If you want to complete and design the blog, then read this post carefully.  Visitors will like your blog and good traffic will come only when you see a good website and complete the website.

How to increase website traffic?  Tips will be read in Hindi.  If you keep these tips in mind. So the traffic on the blog will definitely increase.Let’s know how to increase traffic on Blog websites?  For blogger & wordpress users.

How to increase blog’s traffic?  How to Increase traffic on site?

 It is very important to bring traffic from Google.Because Google Adsense gives good responses only by bringing organic traffic from Google.And have a good income.Bringing traffic to and from social media or via YouTube is not considered Organic Traffic.

Therefore, to bring organic traffic, we have to take care of small things.  Only then our post will have power.And will come at a good position.Let’s see

 1. Use Fast Loading Template (Theme)-

The biggest reason for not getting traffic on blogger or wordpress is the lack of speed loading.  Go to GTmetrix Site and check the loading of the website.

If your website blog is showing 3-4 seconds or more.This is to say that the loading of your blog is open in 3-4 Second.  So it is not right.Some people take even more time than this.

Because not all visitors will open your blog.  And will go to another website.  Let’s not wait for the blog to be open.

 2. Write Good Quality Content Post-

 The content posts of your blog should be of good quality.  Write daily high quality content posts to increase traffic on the blog.

This will improve Google search ranking.  And visitors will also like to come again.

 3. Use Share Button in blog post-

Your blog post should have social share buttons.  Use social share buttons Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

A visitor could easily share it by clicking on the social share buttons. And put facebook like a box.

 4. Make the post title viral-

 While doing the post on the website, the title of the post should be viral.  Keep the title of the post big, so that visitors can read it easily.  What this post is written about.

 5. Use Photo-

 Be sure to use a photo inside the blog post.  Using photos in post increases traffic on the blog.  Not only this, you can use the Alt Tag Keyword in Photo.

 Using Alt Tag Keywords in photos can increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site.  You can engage visitors by using photos in website blog posts.

But take care not to use copyright photos.  Because there is a risk that Google may impose a penalty on your blog.

You can use photos in Blog Post by downloading free images for Blog from,, site.

 6. Use Keywords & Category-

 While preparing the post, use the keyword and category in the post, this will make it easier for visitors to find the post and can stay on your site for a longer time.

7. Reply to Comments and Make Comments in Other Website

 If any visitors ask questions in your blog post, then they must answer it, so visitors will wait for your answer.  So reply to the comment from time to time to keep old visitors.

They also commented on the comments of other websites.  And also put the URL of your blog in the comment.  So that visitors can come to your website by clicking on that link.


I hope you liked this post and by following this post you can increase the traffic of the blog.If you want to get some kind of information.

 If you have any questions related to the how to increase website Traffic & blog traffic increase, you can ask and comment.  And don’t forget to share on social media.

So this were top 5 ways to increase website traffic.If you have liked it do share it with your friends.

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