How To Remove Blogger Navbar:

How to remove Blogger Navbar? Blogger navigation bar comes on top of blogger.This navbar is useful for all bloggers by which anytime can direct login to blogger dashboard.

What is Blogger Navbar?

 When you create an account on, a navigation panel appears at the top which shows a B logo, and a search box is called Blogger navbar.  Blogger navbar appears mostly in the default Blogger template (theme).  If you create a website on a new Blogger and use the default template, then the Blogger navbar shows (visible).  If you use a third-party template (theme), then the Blogger navbar comes already hidden.

How To Remove Blogger Navbar:

Blogger navbar’s Advantage

  • Any Blogger users can go to the Blogger dashboard by clicking on the Direct B logo.

  • You can login / logout Blogger from the same.

  • You can search by putting the name of any other sites in the search box.

  • Click on the next blog recently updated Blogger can

  •  There are 3 ways to remove Blogger Navbar, through which you can easily remove Blogger navbar.

 Method 1-

How to remove Blogger Navbar from Dashboard layout:

1. First go to the Blogger dashboard and click on layout.

 There you will see navbar widget, clicking on edit there will open a pop up box

 2. Select off and click on the save button.

Your Blogger navbar will be removed

If the Edit button is not showing in your Blogger  navbar widget, then follow the steps given below.

How to remove Blogger Navbar Kaise by  layout widget off:

Click on Blogger (theme) template and click on Edit HTML, there you will see lots of HTML coding.

Press Control + F and search for “navbar” Here you can type “true” instead of “false” in lock and save it.

 See below how-

 <b: widget id = ‘Navbar1’ locked = ‘false’ title = ‘Navbar’ type = ‘Navbar’ visible = ‘true’>

You will get this code, write “true” instead of “false” in this code and save it.

Thus you can remove Blogger navbar by turning off Blogger layout widget, now you will understand that Blogger me navbar is Kaise hatate hai huh!  Very easy, in this way you can completely customize Blogger with HTML code and design well.

 Method 2-

How to remove Blogger navbar from HTML code:

 You can hide or hide Blogger navbar ko hta from your Blogger me HTML code.  See blogger navbar kaise hataye below

 1. Go to Blogger dashboard first

 2. Click on Edit HTML by clicking on Theme (template)

 3. Press Control + F]]> </ b: skin> search and above.

 #navbar {height: 0px;  visibility: hidden;  display: none;} # navbar-iframe {height: 0px;  visibility: hidden;  display: none;}

 Paste this code and save your blogger navbar will be removed

Method 3-

How to delete blogger navbar:

If you want to delete Blogger navbar, follow the steps given below

 1. Search this line in HTML code for Blogger navbar delete-

 <b: section class = ‘navbar’ id = ‘navbar’ maxwidgets = ‘1’ showaddelement = ‘no’>

 “yes” instead of “no”

 2. Then delete this code from html codes-

 <b: widget id = ‘Navbar1’…… …………………





 . </b: widget>

 Delete this code and save the theme. Your Blogger navbar will be deleted.


In this way,you can easily remove the navbar in your blogger and make a professional,you will know how to remove a Blogger navbar.If you have any problem in removing  Navbar, then you can ask questions by commenting below.

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