How to set Caller Tune on Jio Number? 

How to Set / Active Caller Tune on Jio Sim Number?  If you also have Jio’s Sim, then you are getting a chance to set Free Jio Caller Tune.  Even now, the Jio company has given the service to set Call Tune in Free.  Whichever company it was before.  All of that Caller Tune.  30 rs.  used to charge per month.  But in Reliance Jio Sim, you can set Caller Tune for free.  Jio caller tune service is absolutely free.  You can set Caller Tune to your favorite song whatever you want.  Let’s see – How to set Free Caller Tune in your Jio?  How to apply Caller Tune to your favorite song?

How to set Caller Tune on Jio Number:

Manan wants to set Caller Tune of choice on his Jio Number.  So you have to download an App.  The one who likes the song  By searching, you can apply New Song, Old Song Caller Tune.  For this, follow some steps below or you can watch the video.  We have described 2 methods-

How to set Caller Tune on Jio Number:

To set your Jio Sim Number Caller tune, an app has to be downloaded.  That is: – JioSaavan.

After clicking on the download button, the Play Store will open.  Will have to install from there.  The app will be downloaded in your Android mobile phone.

Open the jio Saavn App.  There is an option to search the song below.  Do your favorite song there.

 Play the song once you get its name.  Then there will be a button for Set JioTune.Click there.

How to set Caller Tune on Jio Number:


Once again click on Set jio tune (to confirm).

An SMS will arrive on your Jio Mobile Number.  In which Jio Caller Tune Activated Successful will be written.

How to put Caller Tune in your Jio?  [How to Activate Jio Caller Tune]

 If you are unable to tune the Jio Caller.  Or you are not getting the song / music of choice to apply Caller Tune.  So there are other ways.  If any of your friends or relatives have kept a Caller tune.  So you can copy it.  Someone’s Caller Tune can be activated over an SMS.  You may already know this method.  We tell you again.  Let’s know how to activate the caller tune of someone else to hello tune on your number. (How to Activate Jio Caller Tune on Jio Number)

1. First of all call your friend.  (Having Caller Tune)

2. After that you have to type *.

3. After typing Star (*), a message will appear on your number.

4. You have to reply by writing Y in that message.(To Confirm Active Caller Tune).

5. After this, a message will come to your number again.  Which will be written in it.  That Caller tune has been activated on your number (in English).That is, Caller tune has been sounded on your number.  Whose Charge 0 Rs.Huh.Which are absolutely free.

In this way, the Jio Caller tune will be set on your number.Here it is, how to set Caller tune in Jio. If there is any problem in applying hello tune on Jio Number.So you can ask by commenting below.


So this was the complete tutorial of how to set jio caller tune.

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