How to ADD Domain in Blogger Godaddy: 

How to add domain name in Blogger? To change domain names from, one has to buy domain names from GoDaddy, Bigrock and other domain sites .

The website blog that we buy for free, then its domain is a sub-domain. URL of free website blog is in,

When you create a free website on its domain name is like “ is free domain.

And the custom domain name only contains which is the custom domain name.

How to ADD Domain in Blogger Godaddy:

How to set Custom Domain Name in Blogger?

It is very easy to add Blogger Me custom Domain Name. I am going to tell you two ways to add a Domain Name. In which you can add Domain Name in Blogger in any two ways .

Way -1:

How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger?

I am going to tell you here. blogger me Godaddy Domain Name ADD kaise karte hain? (If you have not taken the domain name. Then buy from here- how to get Godaddy se domain name? After taking the domain name , add the domain to the blogger with the steps below-

First of all login and go to dashboard.

Click on setting to add the domain name to the blogger.

Then click on  basic .

Now you will see the blog address , click on + set up a 3rd party URL for your blogger .

The Domain Name you purchased. Enter that domain name here.

Blogger godaddy domain name add

as like WWW. has to write like this, remember to write WWW together. Because bloggers do not support WWW. Therefore, write in the format

After adding the domain name click on the save button

On clicking the save button, you will see an error message, it will be like this.

“We have not been able to verify your authority to this Domain error 14.”

This means that your domain name has not been verified. Because the blogger’s DNS record is not set in Godaddy.

Now to add Godaddy me DNS record, click on DNS setting file and download the file. (As shown in the screenshot above)

Now you have to go to the Godaddy site and login and add a DNS record there. Now let’s see how to add a DNS record to Godaddy.Setup your domain-

How to set up a Domain in Godaddy?

Now go to and login to the GoDaddy account.

Login by Godaddy and click on profile.

Godaddy manage my domains click

Then click on ” manage my Domains “.

Godaddy manage my domain

Then a new page will open in which many options will appear. Click manage in front of Domains.

Then you will see the Domain Name there. Click on it.

Click ” DNS ZONE FILE” .

godaddy dns zone file import

Now More by clicking on IMPORT ZONE FILE click option

Click the select file and upload the downloaded file (the DNS setting file you downloaded) .

import file upload godaddy

And click on the Save button Krkee save to.

After uploading, you will show the message like this.

records not containing errors have been successfully saved. [This means your Godaddy DNS record file was uploaded].

Now you go back to the blogger and save it, which will show you like this.

blogger me domain name added

Now click Edit in front of your Domain and save it by par-ticking the redirect option.

redirecting domain enable on blogger

In this way, your blogger will be added to the Domain Name. Now you can open and view your domain URL. And yes you can open it without WWW.


How to add Godaddy Domain Name to Blogger?

Godaddy Domain Name Blogger Me Kaise Add Kare- If you have not liked the above method, with the help of the second method you can add the domain name of your choice by removing blogger me custom domain


  • Go to first.

  • Click Settings

  • Click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog .

  • Now put your domain name there [like- ( must also add WWW )]

  • Then click on the save button.

  • On clicking the Save button, you will see ” We have not been able to verify your authority to this Domain. Error 12 ” like this, then you should leave it open like this 


How to connect Domain Name to Blogger?

To connect the Domain Name to the blogger, a DNS join file has to be made and connected. Now let’s talk. To set the domain name in blogger, I am going to tell you here to set the domain name step by step.

1. First of all login.

2. Click Profile (Name).

3. Click on ” Manage my Domains “.

4. Now your own Domain Name will appear there. Click on it

5. Now click on the ” DNS ZONE FILE ” section.

6. Click ” Add Record “. (Add record you will see in lowercase letters)

Godaddy Domain Blogger Add

7. A window will open as soon as you click on Add record. It CNAME (Alias) to select

8. Now go to Blogger. And copy the first CNAME . And looking down, fill it up like this –

image HOST-  WWW

Points to –

TTL –  1 hour.

Fill in this way. You can see the screenshot below.Godaddy Domain Add Zone.

9. Now  click on Add Another . (Clicking Add Another will then open the same page. In which another CNAME has to be inserted ).


Now go to Blogger again and do another CNAME  copy.

blogger cname record

Select CNAME (Alies) . 

HOST- wo xxxxxx27l3


TTL – 1 hour

Godaddy add zone record hindi

Click the Finish button in Last .


Godaddy save change button

On clicking the Finish button, you will see a notification like this. “Save change” or click on.

Godaddy CNAME Record List 

CNAME joined correctly CNAME Code to bring check after Add or not. If you are connected, you will see like this, see the image below


Now go to Blogger. And click on the Save button. Here you have your domain name added. In this way you can set godaddy in Domain Name blogger. The entire step has been told. You can change the Domain Name in Blogger. That is, you can put a custom domain name in the blogger. can change

Note: –

After setting the Domain Name it may take a maximum of 24 hours for DNS UPDATE to occur.

Your site will open only after applying the website to WWW. (To open without WWW, it will be told in the next post.


In this way you can add Godaddy Domain Name in Blogger.You can add domain name bloggers  purchased from websites like Godaddy, Big Rock in your blogger.

The process of both Godaddy, or Bigrock is almost the same. Which I have told you in Blogger. You can add Domain in that way.

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