How to make money with a Web Browser? $ 5 Per Refer:

Be it computer web browser or mobile browser, it is a big challenge for us to hide our privacy. But here we are going to talk about a web browser software in which you will get free VPN, free encrypted technology and high privacy security features with it you can earn money from Web browser also yes you can earn . You may have Google Chrome or Firefox installed on your phone or computer right now, and even why,

In mobile we get chrome as the default web browser and today it has become the most used mobile internet search app in the world and developers use Firefox on most computers.

We have many options for mobile and computer web search but we mostly use Chrome, Firefox and third popular browser in India. But if you want privacy, probably none of this will be better for you, UC Browser has been removed from the play store once in case of data theft..

How to make money with a Web Browser? $ 5 Per Refer:

The internet search software that we will talk about here is not as popular as all three of them in India, but keeping in mind your privacy, better browser features is the best, with this you can earn money from web browsers.

Brave Web Browser:


1 Brave Web Browser:

1.1 Features of Brave Web Browser:

1.2 How to Download Brave Computer & Mobile Application?

1.3 How to make money from Brave Browser?

Web browser application is the tool with which we use any search engine (Google, Bing) on ​​the internet and search for the necessary information for ourselves. Brave is also a similar computer and mobile browser application that works just like your Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Brave is also known as the fastest web browser, if you use it on the computer, then you will get 2X more speed page load than any other browser and if you use it on mobile, you will get 8X fast page load. It has many such special features that make it a top mobile & computer web search application.

Features of Brave Web Browser:

Search- The most basic features of any browser is ‘Search’ and on Brave you will find all types of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex for search, with it you can find any favorite search engine at your convenience. Can set the default forever. Brave takes care of user privacy and for this , DuckDuckGo search is found in the private browser window .

Security- This is the second most important feature, if you use a mobile or computer web application, Google Chrome by default, it tracks every activity and not only that, you are told that it also tackles you. Google can see for itself with unknown features . In Brave browser, you get this manual option that you can request for ‘Do not track’ .

Extensions / Plugin- Like everyone here you will also get extra extension features which will help in improving search and result and in many development & productivity work as we see in Chrome web store .

Shields- This is the most advanced feature that you will not get to see in any mobile application like UC or computer internet search application. You can apply fingerprint protection on Brave, manage cookies of Sites, and block any unwanted scripts.

How to download Brave Computer & Mobile Application?

It exists for Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems, as well as top mobile OS. You can also download and install it very easily on this mobile and computer, like the rest of the applications.

How to make money with Brave Browser?

Everybody needs something to earn money, does some business, does a job or else earns money with the help of online freelancing, blogging and YouTube. We also get a chance to earn money as a creator on Brave browser .

If you use this internet search application, then you can connect like a content creator on Brave like YouTube, Blogger. For this, you have to sign up from an email address and verify email.

After this you can complete basic setup and go to the dashboard, where you have to add your website or YouTube or both as a new channel.

With this you can also earn money from the brave referral program, where you will get $ 5 of a referral which is more than anyone else.


Friends, Brave browser is one of the fastest popular applications and if you download it now. If you want to earn money with a mobile browser, then Brave is the best option for you and you get at least $ 5 from a referrer. You will get great benefit from internet search and also the chance to earn money – so far you will have used many of your online and mobile applications to earn money, once you try it and share your review in the comment

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