How to buy Hostgator Hosting:

How to Buy Hostgator Hosting?Today we will learn about it in details.I told you how to create a free website on wordpress and blogger?Some people have made a blog on the blogger.Some have created a free website on

But due to not having full features in blogger,there is an emphasis on blogging.  Today we have brought information about buying hosting here.Who should buy hosting to work on their website in a SuperFast way.

By the way, if you talk about hosting reviews, both Hostogator or Bluehost are the best companies.

If you want to buy Hosting from a hostgator, then you have come to the right place.  Well definitely know about the advantages of hosting once.

Why Buy Hostgator Hosting?

There is a lot of difference between Blogger and WordPress, but according to the features,WordPress will be the best.

Because WordPress has a lot of unlimited features.Which saves our time.And some people get frustrated due to not having Blogger Shortcut Features.

How to Buy Hostgator Hosting?

Repeatedly interlinking other posts within posts, sharing posts on social media, gaining knowledge of HTML coding, adding Advance Features, Category, Label setup,Label Widget.

It takes more time for a Blogger to do all this work.  All the same work can be done on WordPress in a very short time.

In WordPress, you can control the website in one click.You can change the theme of the website in one click.Do not have to install Adsense Ads in it again and again.

Adsense Ads can be installed through plugins in WordPress.I have told you the example of placing ads here,what can you do in a click.You can add many such features by installing in one click.

Some Bloggers are not able to use many important features easily and there are many restrictions, such as bloggers being deleted.

If you really want to earn money by blogging.So you should make a website on WordPress.All the features will be in your hands and there will be no problem.Due to restriction, there is a lot of problem.Due to which you can solve in less time.

How to buy Hosting from Hostgator Full information:

Now we talk about Hostgator Hosting.  Hostgator US or Bluehost US are both the best web host companies to generate traffic outside India on self-hosted WordPress.

Today how do we buy Hostgator Hosting? How to buy Hostgator Hosting?  Step by step information about –

If you are new to Hostgator, then you will get cheap hosting for less than Coupon code.  If you are getting confused which plan will be best.  So I would like to suggest you.  That you always buy a shared hosting plan.

Because its price is very low.  And easily handles daily 5000 pageview per day traffic.  If your site is already getting very good traffic.  So you can buy VPS or Dedicated Hosting plans.

Apart from this, you need to have a credit card or PayPal account to make a hosting purchase from US Hostgator.

If there is a credit card or a PayPal account to pay all this.  Only then you will be able to purchase.  Now let’s talk, how to buy web hosting on Hostgator?  How to buy Hostgator Hosting?

How to buy Hosting from Hostgator?  How to Buy Hostgator Hosting?

To make a web hosting purchase from Hostgator, a domain will be required, for this you need to buy a domain from GoDaddy, you can also buy a domain from the Hostgator company, but you have to pay 12 $ to register the domain name.

Therefore, I would like to suggest to you, that you buy the domain from Godaddy or Bigrock, it will be available here for 1-year for 99 ₹.After purchasing the domain, make the hosting purchase by following the step by step mentioned below for purchase hosting from Hostgator?

Step-1 Hostgator Hosting

 First of all, by clicking on our link, you will buy web hosting (Hostgator), then you will get the discount, then click here to buy hosting cheaply.

Step-2 Choose Web Hosting plans

Now after going to the HostGator website, click on “Web Hosting” above.

There will be a Plans show in front of you, the details of which will be as follows-

Basic Plan: –

 This basic plan will get a single domain, and unmetered bandwidth.  That is, you can make a single website after purchasing this plan.  If you have to make only one website blog, then choose this plan.  Basic Plan is also called Baby Plan, which has just changed the name of the plan.

Essentials Plan [High Recommend]: –

 This plan will get unlimited domain, and Unmetered Bandwidth.  That is, if you buy Essentials plan, you can make unlimited website.If you have to make more than one website,then Essentials Plan will be best for you.

 I would like to suggest to you, that even if you do not create a single blog, you can still buy Essentials Plan, because you can create more than one website whenever you need it.

For this, you do not have to take separate hosting.  Because more than one website blog service is available in the Essentials plan.  And you can start a blog by installing extra wordpress in the c panel if needed in future.  Essentials plan is also called Hatching plan.

PRO Plan: –

 This is similar to the Essentials Plan in Hostgator’s pro plan.  But in this plan additional SSL or IP security private service is also available and VoIP Phone service will also be available.

Which is best for all this business man.  Which is made for big E-Commerce websites or Business websites.  If you want to make a big website business, then PRO Plan will be good for you.  This is also called a business plan.

 Step-3 (A) Choose Domain Name

After choosing your hosting, a new page will open, in which it will say about the domain.

How to Buy Hostgator Hosting?

You click on “I Already Own This Domain” and put your domain name there.

Note: – You must have already purchased the domain.

(B) Choose a Hosting Plan:

After entering the domain name, you have to choose the hosting plan below it,

How to Buy Hostgator Hosting?

  • Package type: – Select plan here, I am choosing Package type “baby”.

  • Billing Cycle: – How much month you take here, I would like to tell you that you buy minimum for 2 or 3 years, because you will get a discount on buying the first time at Hostgator, so the first time can save as much money as possible.  is.


  • Username: – Enter any name here.

  • Security Pin: – To maintain your account security, enter the number.  Enter the security digit code up to 4-8 code so that your account is safe.  And helps to be owned.

(C) Hostgator- Enter your Billing Info: –

How to Buy Hostgator Hosting?

  •  Email -enter your email address here

  •  confirm-insert the same email here

  •  first name-put your first name here

  • last name-Please put your last name here (eg- Kumawat, Sharma, Jain, Shaikh, Khan)

  •  company- If you have a company, then enter your company name, if not, leave the cake

  •  phone- enter your mobile number

  •  Address – Type complete address

  •  Address 2 – Enter another address, if you have another address, otherwise leave it empty.

  •  country- select your country name, you are from India, if you are from India, then select India.

  •  ZIP Code – Insert area code or postal code here.

  •  enter city-city name

  • State- select your state here

  • Payment type – Select from whom you want to pay, if there is a credit card, then select the credit card.  Otherwise you can also pay with PayPal.

(D) ADD Additional Service (Hostgator Hosting):

Payment info. After filling, below comes the additional additional service option, which provides service for the security of the website,for this you do not need it, you can buy it anytime later in the future.So untick them all.

How to Buy Hostgator Hosting?

(E) Enter a coupon code (-HostGator Hosting):

You can enter coupon code here, by putting this coupon code “FREE UPGRADE 3D” you will get up to 60% discount.To take the discount, enter coupon code and click on “Validate”.

 (F) Review Order Details – (Hostgator hosting details):

After putting the coupon mentioned above, you will get your discount, after that you check the details below, the details of the amount you have to pay to buy HostGator Hosting will be given below.  

There you can see, and check, how much total has been made.

  • After checking all the details summary, tick “I have read & agree”.

  • Click “Checkout Now” at last.

 As soon as you click on checkout, your payment will be redirected by gateway.  Here you can be paid by signing in from login details.

 After payment, you will get HostGator Hosting C-Panel and payment details on your Gmail.


How to Buy HostGator Hosting?  How to buy hosting fromHostgator?

I hope you will not face any problem in buying Hosting from HostGator.

And by using our coupon code, you can buy cheap hosting with a discount.And to take advantage of these offers, also tell your friend and share on social media.

And if you encounter any type of problem in buying Hosting from HostGator, or you can ask questions by commenting related questions. Thank you

How to Buy Hostgator Hosting?

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