Internet Data Saver | How to Save Internet Data?

Today I am going to tell you about Internet Data Saver . If you want to save your Internet data while using the Internet. So you must read it, friends, today everyone uses the Internet in some way or the other. Whether someone is for running Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube on their Smartphone or for doing any work on the laptop. So, if you do not have the facility of Wifi, then you have to pay for Internet data according to MB or Speed. Which is a good idea for Internet users, every month’s Charge is very high.

I know, this time it must be coming to your mind that I use a Jio SIM. I Internet Data Saver ‘s work | But you all will also know that in Jio we are getting only 1GB of high speed data .

How to save data while using the Internet?

After 1GB of data is exhausted, you can hardly open a web page with Jio. So it is equally important for Trick jio User. As much as necessary for Non-jio Users.

Because if you use Internet Data Saver , then you will be able to use Jio’s 1GB High Speed ​​Data for longer. Or if you use the Internet through some other operator. So you can save your mobile data .

So let’s see ..

How to save data while using the Internet?


  • 1 How to save data while using the Internet?

  • 1.1 # 1- How to Save Data on Chrome:

  • 1.2 # 2- How to Save Data While Using Facebook & WhatsApp:

  • 2 How to save data in an Android phone?

  • 3 Conclusion:

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Nowadays, almost all types of Android Phones are consuming a lot of data. Many new apps consume more data and there is constant notification of updates for the new version.

On the other hand, video streaming has also become quite popular and Video has also been integrated with Facebook and Instagram etc. Apps. Due to all these reasons it has become a bit difficult to use less data in Android Phone. Data packs are becoming more expensive day by day. In such a situation, if you do not control more data usage then you may get a little expensive. So today in this post we will tell you about how to save data. If you use these methods then you can save data for your other works. So let’s start.

By the way, you will find many such tools on Play Store & Internet. Through which you can save data while using the Internet on your Smartphone, Laptop.

But the trick I am about to tell you is very simple…

# 1- How to Save Data on Chrome:

With the help of Internet Data Saver by Google Chrome, you can save your Internet data while using the Internet on Chrome Browser. Chrome Internet Saver can save up to 60% of your Internet data.

To enable Internet Data Saver in a Smartphone, you need to go to the Settings of Chrome Browser. You can enable the option of Internet Data Saver from there.

For PC you need to add the extension of Chrome Data Saver. After enabling Data Saver Extension, you can save 60% data while using Chrome Browser on the laptop.

# 2- How to save data while using Facebook & WhatsApp:

In Facebook, you get the option of Data Saver. By enabling which you can save Internet data. Or if you feel that after enabling Facebook Data Saver, photos, videos, text are getting compressed too much.

So, when you want to watch a video or photo on Facebook without compression, then you disable the Data Saver at that time.

In WhatsApp, you only get the option of Data Saver in Call Function. In such a situation, you can use WhatsApp Internet Data Saver only at the time of the call.

But if you are using mobile data, then you can save WhatsApp data yourself. for example…

Often you keep the Auto-Download Feature enabled in your WhatsApp . Because of which all the videos, images that come on your WhatsApp, are downloaded and many of these videos or images are of no use to you.

So, even if you have Auto-Download Feature will Disable, then any Multimedia file automatic download will not | Whichever video, image you want to download, you can download it manually and save a lot of mobile data.

Here are some effective ways with which mobile data can be saved.

Android phone in Data to Save You ?

Set Data Usage Limit:

Setting up a Data Usage Limit for Daily is not a difficult task. If you set the Data Usage Limit in your Android phone and choose the option of Automatic Disconnection, then after the Data Limit is over, your network will be automatically disconnected.

App Background Data to be restricted to:

Some apps continue to consume mobile data even when the smartphone is not used. Not every app needs to use background data all the time. For this, by going to Setting >> Data Usage, you can see which App is consuming how much data you have. If you turn on Restrict Apps Background Data, then these apps will consume mobile data only when you keep the application on.

Use Data Saver in Chrome:

If you use Chrome for browsing, do you know that Google Chrome has a feature that can significantly reduce data consumption. All you have to do is open Chrome, tap on the 3-dot menu button and choose Settings. Click on the data saver. You can then save 50% of the data used by Chrome.

Only WiFi networks from the Apps update to:

When the app is on Auto Updates Settings, they are auto updated as soon as the updates arrive. Because of this, a lot of your data is lost. So we would advise that you update apps only when WiFi is connected. To turn off auto update, just open the Google Play Store and tap on the Menu icon. Hit its bad setting option and then select the “Auto update Apps” button. Then select the Auto-update apps over WiFi only option.

Use Mobile Version Websites:

The Mobile Version of Browser loads quickly and is well visible. In contrast, if you use the desktop version, then many additional Widgets and floating ads appear in it, due to which more data is consumed. Therefore, we advise you to use the Mobile Version.

Note: Friends, there are many more such app & trick, through which you can save your mobile data and use it for more time. for example…

You can use YouTube GO for YouTube.

Play Store on a lot of Data Back App are found | Through which you can get back some of the data spent while using the Internet.


Friends, this post has mentioned Internet Data Saver . Through all these tricks, you can save 40% -60% data while using the Internet. Which can help you in the future. Hope you have liked this post, if you have any question or suggestion about this post, then you should not forget to comment on us.

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