How to Verify Google AdSense Address PIN || How to Verify PIN and Without PIN:

How to Verify Address (PIN) in Google AdSense Account How to Verify Address PIN on AdSense Account-

Are you upset with AdSense pin code delivery or have not received the AdSense verification code?

 How do Google AdSense verify pin code, how do Google AdSense verify without pin code? Troubled by all this, so in this post I am going to tell you about how to verify AdSense addresses. Earning a minimum of $ 10 in an AdSense account to verify the Google AdSense address PIN.

As soon as the AdSense account gets above $ 10 or $ 10, Google AdSense sends the address pin code to the address we filled later. There are 6 Digit codes in that letter, some code is inserted in the AdSense account and verified which is very easy. The same verification happens for both blog and youtube. Now let’s talk about how we verify Google AdSense address PIN?

More Information About Adsense Verify Address (PIN):

Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are both the best ways to earn money from blogging. Google AdSense is the best woman trusted earning site in the whole world, who use 80-90% Adsense Advertising Service in All World. Some New Bloggers or Users have maximum problems in applying Adsense. This post has given information about the details of Address Verification, which is helpful for you.

AdSense is the biggest problem for most Indian New Blogger.  How to create a Google AdSense account? How to approve an AdSense account? How do you verify an AdSense account address pin? There will be many more problems that cause trouble to the new blogger. If you want to approve AdSense and verify the address pin, the easiest way is to follow AdSense’s privacy policy. Now in this post I am going to tell you about how to verify AdSense address pins and verify without pin code .

How to Verify AdSense Address (PIN):

To verify your Adsense Account, our income increases by more than $ 10 or $ 10, then a notification on the AdSense homepage shows ” Your Payment Are Currently on hold because you have not verified your Address “,Notification Payment hold not verified address 

Here you click on “Action”, or go to AdSense account, then click on Settings⇒Payment.

Their Payee profile will show an option, there will be a new page open when you click on it, now it’s on the Name, Address, City, Postal Code (PIN Code), State, the last of all Details Save give adsense payee profile address information.

After saving, a letter (post) will come to your address from Google AdSense. It can take 3 to 5 days or 1 month to receive a letter from Google AdSense, it depends on your location. The 6 digit code appears in that letter, the AdSense address is verified by putting it in the AdSense account. 

Address verify pin I also tell you about how to add to an AdSense account.

How To Verify AdSense Address PIN:

To withdraw money from our AdSense account or to make a payment, it is verified by putting a verify pin code in your AdSense account, and earning a minimum of $ 100 to transfer payment from AdSense to the Bank. If you are from Indian, you can transfer directly to the bank by enabling EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) to transfer payment to the bank,adsense pin post letter howhard In which you will not need to wait for the check. But for that we have to verify the address pin in our AdSense account, only then we can withdraw the payment, let’s know how to enter the verify address pin code in the AdSense account and how to verify?

How to put Address PIN Code in your Google Adsense Account and how to Verify it:

First of all, in your AdSense account, on the homepage, you will see the notification message , click on ” action” in front of ” your payment currently on hold because you have not verified your address “.

A new page will open as soon as you click on the action, enter your address pin code as shown in the image below and click on Submit Pin Adsense address PIN verify submit page.

It is understood how to put address pin code in your AdSense account and how to verify. But I am going to tell you the questions related to Google AdSense address pin verification and important things, which must be known while verifying the address PIN.

Important and questions adsense Verify Address PIN:

1. In how many days does AdSense verify pin letter-

After the minimum of $ 10 in our AdSense account, Google company sends to the address we have filled. How many days does a pin verified letter come? It depends on your location, if your location is away from the main city, then the letter (post) comes for about 1 month. And if it is nearby then soon you will get a post in 3-5 Day.

2. What will be the loss due to incorrect PIN in our AdSense account-

If your pin is submitted incorrectly three times, then the Ads service will be suspended. The advertisements will stop appearing on our website. So submit your pin properly

3. What to do if we do not have a verify pin letter (Post)-

We can get the Verify Letter (post) only three times, if the verify pin post does not come on your address, then the help of the AdSense team will be taken or you can verify the AdSense address without a verify pin – about it here Described below.

4. When the company sends the letter, we get an email or message-

Once we fill in the address, a verified pin letter will arrive within 3-5 Day or 1 month. And AdSense does not even give us any notification.

If you do not have the letter of AdSense verify pin, you can verify the AdSense address (PIN) without verifying the pin. Let’s know how to verify an AdSense address without (without) PIN?

How to Verify adsense address Without PIN: 

AdSense is the biggest problem in joining and verifying many bloggers or WordPress uses blogging on the Internet. Some people do not have the post to verify the PIN of AdSense. Or because of being away from the popular city, the post of verify pin is not available. There can be many other reasons due to which the post of the verify pin is not available on our address. But I am going to tell you in Hindi about “How to verify AdSense address without verify PIN”

What documents are needed to verify the address of without verify pin

  • National ID Card

  • Driving License

  • Adhar Card

  • Other  (Government Approved ID).

Should be any one of these, by which Google AdSense can be verified by uploading its government approved ID spoof, I am telling you to verify with Aadhar card in simple easy steps.

How to Verify PIN Address Simple Step Without PIN:

First of all AdSense Account Login

Make a PDF of Aadhar Card ( Scannable Apps in mobile if you want You can also create PDF of Aadhar Card with the help of).

You must have a notification to verify in your AdSense account, click on it

See the image shown below and click on that link without pin address link adsense hindi click.

New page will be open in which Name, E-mail Address, AdSense Publisher ID, or Aadhar Card PDF (Only PDF Upload of Aadhar Card)without pin verify adsense

Last click on the “Submit” button


This way you can verify the AdSense address of without pin code in your Google AdSense account.

How to verify AdSense account address, verify pin or without? It must have been understood by reading. And if you have any kind of problem, then comment below.

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