Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra compatible with new design and support on S Pen:

Samsung has released today (14) its new celery top line with the flagship Galaxy S21. As a result of 2019, we are all global warming. Of course, portals, Galaxy S21 , S21 Plus and S21 Ultra .

In the geography of geography, there is a prelude to clairvoyance with design, which has long been the source of some of its antecedents, and it was basically for a new design of the geological sequence, which is now integrated into the lateral metallic frame. But here is a historical story for linha S, with the first model compatible compatriot with the S Pen canopy in the famed family, functionally rested with linha Note al alguns tablets.

Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra

For this reason, it is the best of the modes of war, as well as the specifics of the world, as well as the most dangerous parts when it comes to the S20 and S21 lines. Hopefully everyone will be able to follow, starting from the recipes and after the details of each aparelho.


There are so many great ones on the specifics of Cambodia, to Samsung where it’s known that it can be made. This is just the beginning of new recipes, the Single Take 2.0, the Directory and melodies in retro mode and Space Zoom, as well as updates on video captures.

O novo Single Take uses artificial intelligence to produce results. Here are the curtos videos and imaginary images in one place after tomorrow, where the system can create a resume with the best photo and the best video still, and still use the best curves in the real world. But the main novice is in Director’s View, a way that allows you to control in real time what we want to use in video gradation, with the miniatures of every imagery appearing in real time for users to choose or take it.

For falar in videos, all the songs are capturing images in, no sound, 4K at 60 fps. And as we say this is how it is now with the recurso of super establishment. Also in videos, here is a Bluetooth Mix mode, which allows you to record with more than one Bluetooth microphone at the same time, for more audio files. The videos on the 8K permit still have a 33MP image capture.


These three new cell phones are still associated with Knox cof, which provides sensory information of the user with the following, the fastest biometric sensor and a digital display sensor on the 1,7x-magnitude screen that anteriorly. There is also a private sharing mode, where users can send an article for a group of restraints of people with prazo for expirar. For fim, it will be possible to remove metadados of photos and videos.

For those who want to use frequency or cellular on a car, Samsung has announced that S21 Plus and S21 Ultra will have the best experiences for connected cars, which include digital chains that allow them to open all the devices in the physical .

They also have a connection to Wi-Fi 6e, which requires compatriots of the Internet, but that has slowed down the download speed, as an example, to produce a core that says a game like Fortnite can be downloaded in 8s.

But it’s done by boas notícias. Samsung has confirmed the recall of Carregador on caixa, following the trend implemented by Apple in the past and that there was a delay in the release of Sammy Pria.

Segundo o gerente sênior de mobile products of the company, Renato Citrini, the adoção do padrão USB-C from 2017 permits that users will be able to recover antigua carriers. Além disso, the company is really close to the fact that only one of the four users are preferred by carregadores by fio. Another note is that the company does not have the details, at the moment, as you will contemplate the Brazilian consumers that you prefer with your car carrier in an avalanche.

Galaxy S21e S21 Plus: 

There are models in the same design and variables, basic, no power and battery capacity. The Galaxy S21 is the only one with glider and has the compactest model, with 6,2 batteries and 4000mAh battery, while the Plus has anti-glare with Gorilla Glass Victus (even Ultra) and has an upgrade in battery, with 4800mAh and display of 6,7 units.

By talking on the phone, our casinos have a Dynamic AMOLED theme with an updated frequency of 120Hz that operates in adaptive mode, or so, from 48 to 120Hz. Of course, the two models share the same configuration: front 10MP f / 2.2, main 12MP f / 1.8, 64MP f / 2.0 telephoto with OIS and 3x zoom and 12MP zoom with 120 °. They are the most colorful colors of the brand, with options in violet, rosa, cinza e branco (S21), branco, preto e cinza (S21 Plus).

Technical Specifications – Galaxy S21-

  • Dynamic AMOLED display of 6,2 pixels with Quad HD resolution (1440 x pixels)

  • Platform Samsung Exynos 2100

  • 8 GB of RAM

  • 128/256 GB of storage

  • Câmeras

  •                Principal de 12 MP (f / 1.8)

  •                Ultrawide of 12MP (f / 2.2) and angle of 120 °.

  •                64MP telephony (f / 2.0) with OIS and 3x zoom.

  •                Frontal de 10 MP (f / 2.2)

  • Video quality on 8K at 30 fps and 4K at 60 fps

  • Battery of 4000mAh with fast and rechargeable battery

  • Android 11 com interface One UI 3.1

  • Cores: Violeta, Rosa, Cinza, Branco

Specific Techniques – Galaxy S21 Plus-

  • Dynamic AMOLED display of 6,7 pixels with Quad HD resolution (1440 x pixels)

  • Platform Samsung Exynos 2100

  • 8 GB of RAM

  • 128/256 GB of storage.

  • Câmeras

Principal de 12 MP (f / 1.8)

Ultrawide of 12MP (f / 2.2) and angle of 120 °

64MP telephony (f / 2.0) with OIS and 3x zoom

Frontal de 10 MP (f / 2.2)

Video quality on 8K at 30 fps and 4K at 60 fps

  • 4800mAh battery with fast charging and rechargeable battery

  • Android 11 com interface One UI 3.1

  • Cores: preto, branco e violeta

S21 Ultra 

This is where the new generation present at linha S. O model of the most feared family is the first to be delivered on the S Pen, and this is possible thanks to a simple one on display, which is Dynamic AMOLED of 6,8 poles (0, 1 but that it is antecessor) and with the adaptation frequency, from 10Hz to 120Hz: there is an abrupt charge on the display that allows the celestial body to be connected to the cane.

And it can be any cane made by Samsung for your Note or tablet. It has never been used on the phone, it could be a form of aviation or with a special project designed to attract the canet.

Nas câmeras, temos a manutenção do sensor de 108MP como câmera principal, acompanhado por radares três câmeras. An ultrawide of 12MP f / 2.2 and 10MP telephones, with f / 2.4 aperture and 3x aperture and f / 4.9 aperture, 10x aperture and OIS. In technology, the nocturnal mode is associated with Nona Binning technology, which transforms new pixels into one to reduce the faults in the light.

The latest model available from Samsung still has a 5000mAh battery and display that Samsung guarantee will be the most vivid and brighter it can be for a smartphone. After 1500 million and the tax of contrast of 3,000,000: 1, due to the Dual Bluetooth technology, there are less than three devices for a more secure and fast connection.

Technical Specifications – Galaxy S21 Ultra:

Dynamic AMOLED display of 6,8 pixels with Quad HD resolution (1440 x pixels)

Platform Samsung Exynos 2100

12/16 GB of RAM

128/256/512 GB of storage


Principal: 108 MP (f / 1.8) com OIS

Ultrawide: 12MP (f / 2.2) com 120 °

Teleobjetiva: 10MP (f 2.4) with 3x zoom

Teleobjetiva: 10MP (f / 4.9) with 10x zoom and OIS

Video quality on 8K at 30 fps and 4K at 60 fps

5000mAh battery with fast charging and rechargeable battery

Android 11 com interface One UI 3.1

Cores: preto e prata


As we acquired last year, Samsung will have versions with two types of chipsets: in the United States, such as China and United States, the most contiguous models with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the global version, present in most parts of the world, within They in Brazil, will be equipped with the yet-known Exynos 2100, from Samsung.

The Unpacked events were traditionally held in the feast, but nestled here or the calendar was anticipated. The motivo? With the words, Mario Lattifi, vice president of institutional relations for the Latin America of Samsung:

 The year of 2020 was a year to acquire tudo em in technology. Smartphones have a protagonist screen, and demand for new technologies is everywhere. And to Samsung, as the protagonist, he offered the development to get to the S21 line for the start of the year. This is what we present to the Samsung client “. Mario Lattifi, vice president of institutional relations for the Latin America of Samsung

Pré-e and disponibilidade.

Samsung is launching a pre-sale of its Galaxy S21 line on the international market today, the 14th of June, as well as a number of pre-sale sales are available to buy one of the existing models on the 28th. The following:

Galaxy S21 comes with violet cores, rosa, cinza and branco with a pre-order price of 9 879 (~ R $ 5,700 s / impostos)

Galaxy S21 Plus chega honeycomb cores preto, branco e violeta com preço sugerido de € 1.079 (~ R $ 7,200 s / impostos)

Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with pre-paid and ready-made cores with a pre-order price of 27 1,279 (~ R $ 8,300 s / free)

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