How To Increase Traffic on blog/sites?Top 10 ways to increase Traffic on blog:


How to increase traffic on Blog:- When every new blogger starts his blog, once in google this post must search for what to do on his blog so that a lot of traffic will come to his blog as soon as possible. Traffic is very important for everyone and everyone knows this. A blog can never be successful without par traffic kaise badhaye

When you are planning to start a blog, then at that time you should understand what should I do after starting a blog, that I started getting good traffic from google and all other search engines and that too quickly. To increase traffic on your blog, a lot of things are important like –

  • How old your blog is means how much content is there on your blog.

  • Whether your domain name contains keywords or not.

  • How unique is your blog content

  • All your posts are so so friendly.

  • Whether or not your blog has been submitted to all search engines.

Apart from this, there are many things that are very important in bringing good traffic to your blog. Today we will also talk about some such topics that will help you in increasing traffic on your blog.

How to increase traffic of your or Top 10 ways to increase traffic of your site or blog.

How to increase traffic of your or Top 10 ways to increase traffic of your site or blog.

So friends, let us know what to do so that good traffic will start coming on our blog as well-

1 # Submit your blog to all Search Engine:

You made your blog! This is a good thing. You wrote a very good post which nobody else has ever written. This is even better. But you did not tell Google and the rest of the search engine about it, that I also have a site on the Internet which you can include in your search engine! This is not a good thing.

After creating your blog, you have to inform all search engines that I also have a blog and I also have a post which you should include in your search engine so that traffic from google will also start coming to my blog.

But how do you tell google?

You do not have to go anywhere, no one has to say anything, just click on the link below to read my post about how your blog is included in the google search engine and how to create a sitemap and submit all the posts to it. Goes So, by opening the link given below, you can get information about how to submit your blog to the search engine and in addition to that there are information which can be useful for you.So let’s know that another way to increase traffic on your blog.

# 2 Do comment on another blog

You must have heard the name of the backlink. Most of the people who blog themselves comment on someone else’s blog only when they have to either rank the blog or have a special post that they want to rank. They directly mention the link of that post in their comment which benefits them.

The benefit of commenting is the benefit; there is never a disadvantage of commenting and commenting on someone else’s blog is most beneficial when you are blogging. At that time you have less time to rank your blog or post.

The rest is not that you should only comment at the time when you have to promote your blog, if you have any question or you have any problem, then you should comment on any blog and resolve it. You will have two advantages.

  • First – your problem will also be solved and if you have a problem like that, someone will directly see it and there will be no need to comment on it.

  • Second – you will also get an important backlink for your blog.

# 3 Take Support of Social Media:

I have always had two opinions on this point, and no blogger agrees on my social media that blog traffic can be increased by actually using social media and there is no harm in it. Now you also make it clear-

As far as I am concerned, the blog has never been damaged by social media and my traffic has always increased, so I always say that using social media, blog traffic can be increased and there is no visit But many big bloggers believe that sharing your blog’s link on social media gets spammed, so that Google does not help to rank it, but this is wrong.

When I started blogging, initially my entire traffic for 5 months was only social traffic, meaning all the visitors who came from sites like facebook and twitter came from google at that time I did not get any traffic at all but like As the blog became old, traffic also started coming and when people came to know about my blog, then I stopped using social media and it is not that today I do not promote my blog on social media! Even now I definitely take recourse to social media.

If you also want to bring traffic to your blog soon, then share it on social media and use Facebook the most, which will increase traffic soon.

# 4 It is very important to reply to every comment:

You will probably remember when you started a blog and how happy you will be when someone has commented on your blog. In fact, everyone is very happy when you read a post on your blog and it gets doubled when your visitor asks you a question about it or makes a suggestion.

You too must have approved and commented on that comment, you will also be very happy, but the work gets worse at that time when you do not reply to any comment. Truly, friends, at that time the trust of that visitor is so broken that it may never come again on your blog.

I will tell you how – HindiMeHelp is  a very big blog.You must also have visited him.I also consider him a very good blog and I too have probably learned a lot from that blog,but the truth of that blog is that if you comment then there is no guarantee that you will get the answer. 

In the same way, you must also reply to each of your visitors, if your visitors are happy then understand everyone happy. The way to increase traffic is that the closer you are to the visitor, the quicker you will succeed.

#5 Big Posts Means Traffic Guaranteed

Big posts mean traffic guaranteed. I say this because a big post is made only when there is something useful in it and what is of use to everyone is always benefited and you too will definitely get the benefit. Always try to make sure that your post must be at least 2000 words long. One advantage of writing large posts in this way is that it will increase the trust in your visitors.

An important thing here is that a big post can be written only if you have a unique topic to write. Therefore, you should always try to post unique content in your blog, which will definitely help you to increase traffic.

# 6 Keep updating the blog regularly:

By constantly updating anything, it always remains new to the people and people also like it, so if you too have success in blogging, then you have to keep updating your blog regularly. And the benefit of keeping regular updates is that you are guaranteed to have a lot of traffic.

Apart from this, regular updates also improve the ranking of the blog, which directly benefits you from google and if you like google once, google helps you a lot. So you should not forget to update the blog regularly.

# 7 try to make website super fast:

Have you ever checked how long your blog takes to fully load?

If you have not done it, then first of all check the speed of your blog and how fast the speed should be. Now you can guess that you are opening a blog and it is opening very slowly, would you like to visit that blog in such a way?


Nobody likes a blog whose speed is very slow, so you have to make every effort to make your blog super fast, otherwise you will have to lose it and this can also reduce the traffic on your blog. Nowadays everyone is trying to do their work quickly, so the better the speed of your blog, the more you will benefit.

# 8 Important Page is very important in your blog:

What is there in your website and for whom have you made this website and what are you giving information about? How is your blog benefiting people, is there nothing written in your blog?

If you do not have an answer, then it is a very bad thing.

Therefore, you should add some special page to your blog and write all this information well in it so that any visitor coming to your blog is not confused and if he needs any information, then directly from your blog Get it. You must make about Us , Contact Us , Privacy Policy , page in your blog and if you do not know, then you can read the page by clicking on this link and how they are made.

# 9 Blog can also be promoted offline.

This method is probably not for everyone’s work because very few people use it, but I have used it to the fullest and I have also benefited from it. It is not necessary that everyone knows what a blog is and how to make it. Talking about my area, very few people here even know what a blog is, so I told it to my friends and asked them to speak further. Everyone liked the idea and my friends also promoted it offline and today wherever I come in my area, people say that it is an online blogger and it also has a blog.

You can also promote your blog offline among your friends and if they help, then after some time you will definitely get the benefit. Therefore, if you wish, you can promote your blog in any way by offline way. You will definitely get the benefit of this one day.

# 10 Never Give UP

Never Give Up! These words are such that even if told by ourselves, we can be a motiveweight. So if you want to be a success in blogging and increase traffic on your blog, then you must also say that never give up in life.

In the coming time, your traffic has to increase, just follow all the rules mentioned above and do regular blogging, then you will definitely benefit from it.


So friends,these were my top 10 ways to  increase traffic to your blog.I hope that you would have liked this article of mine, that you should share this article with my friends on social media so that they too can have knowledge about it.

So this was the full tutorial of How to increase traffic of your or Top 10 ways to increase traffic of your site or blog.

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