What is Cloud Storage?Which is the Best Cloud Storage Service in India?

What is Cloud Storage? How to store data? Which are the Free Cloud Storage Services in India? Who provides the cloud and what are its benefits? Thousands of such questions come to our mind regarding Cloud Storage Technology , if such questions are also coming in your mind, then you stay with us. Because today I will give you complete information about Cloud Technology and its Providers. By the way, you will get information about the Cloud Storage Service on the Internet, but you will not find information about it at any place in the Detail. So if you want to know better about Cloud Storage. So you should read this article thoroughly.

By the way, you will get information about the Cloud Storage Service on the Internet, but you will not find information about it at any place in the Detail. So if you want to know better about Cloud Storage. So you should read this article thoroughly. It is important to know before knowing about Cloud Storage and Cloud Storage Providers. What is Cloud Computing? Because Cloud Storage is a part of Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Storage?Which is the Best Cloud Storage Service in India?

What is Cloud Computing:


  • 1 What is Cloud Computing:

  • 1.1 Cloud Storage:

  • 1.2 How to use Cloud Storage:

  • 1.3 Advantages of using Cloud Storage:

  • Who are the 2 Cloud Storage Providers:

  • 2.1 # 1 Dropbox:

  • 2.2 # 2 Microsoft OneDrive:

  • 2.3 # 3 Copy:

  • 2.4 # 4 Apple iCloud:

  • 2.5 # 5 Amazon Cloud Drive:

  • 3 Conclusion:

Cloud Computing is an Internet-based computing. Which is the work of data storage, data processing and data sharing on the Internet. There are 3 main examples of Cloud Computing. Which nowadays everyone uses one form or the other.

  • Computer network.

  • Server.

  • Data storage.

If you use the Internet, then you use one of these three components. If you do some search on Google. So Google Server responds to your search through Cloud Computing.

Cloud Storage:

In Storage Cloud HDD, Pendrive SD Card such as these also Data Store  | But Cloud Storage has an online data store which you can use anytime, anywhere. The easiest example of cloud storage is Google Drive, probably everyone knows about it and all people must have seen Google Drive in their Android phone. If you make Google Drive Data Store (photo, video, document, phone number).

So you can login to your Google Account and see your data from anywhere. And the biggest advantage of using cloud storage is if you have saved your data on Google Drive. So in this case, if your mobile format gets or the phone is stolen. Even then you can get your data back again.

How to use Cloud Storage:

If a friend does not know how to use Cloud Storage. So they don’t have to worry. Because today I will tell you. How can you save Photo, Video, Contact, Document Etc from your phone to the cloud. For this, follow the steps given below.

Step # 1: To use any Cloud Storage you need an Email ID such as Gmail or Google Account. That’s why you first create a Gmail account

Step # 2: If you already have a Gmail account or have created one. So you log in to your Gmail account in your Android phone.

Step # 3: After   logging in you open the app named Drive in your phone. And click on the “+” option

Step # 4: Now you will have many options open. From this, you have to click on the Upload Option.

Step # 5: Now you can select any photo, video, document from your gallery and upload it to Drive. And upload any information from Drive anywhere, you can use or download your Gmail account by logging in.

Benefits of using Cloud Storage:

Nowadays the way Digital Marketing Services Improvement is happening. Accordingly, everyone should know about Cloud Storage. Because it is very beneficial for us, if you do not know about its benefits, then you should read it.

  • You can access Save File on Cloud Storage from anywhere in the world. For example- If you have gone for a job interview and you have forgotten your CV home. So, if you have saved your CV on Cloud Storage, then you can download the CV by logging in your email id very comfortably.

  • If you have saved all your contacts, information on cloud storage, then you do not have to worry about the phone format being created. Your data will be 100% safe. As soon as you log in your email id, your data will be returned again.

  • Nowadays, Hybrid SIM and SD Slot come in all Smartphones, in which you can use either 2 SIMs at a time or you can use 1 SIM and 1 SD Card. Now all of us are used to running SIM, so that’s why we use 2 SIM instead of SD card. In this case, we have a lot of problems about storage. To overcome this problem, you can use Cloud Storage instead of SD Card. So that your storage problem will also be solved and you will not have to install an SD card either.

Who are Cloud Storage Providers:

Like Google Drive, there are many Cloud Storage Services. Which you can use for online cloud storage. And you can use your data from anywhere online very comfortably.

Top 5 cloud storage services in 2021.

# 1 Dropbox:

Dropbox is most popular for computers (Linux, Mac, Windows) and phones (Android, Windows, Blackberry, iPhone) . You can store data in Dropbox with your email id. And you can download your data by logging your email id on any computer. In Dropbox you get 2GB of data storage free. After that you will have to pay.

# 2 Microsoft OneDrive:

It is Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Service. In which you can log in by logging in with Outlook or Hotmail Account. In this you get 5GB Free Cloud Storage. After that if you use Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage. So you have to pay for it. It is exactly like Google Drive and you can use it in both phone and computer.

# 3 Copy:

Copy Cloud Storage Service has just been launched in 2016. It is a very useful free file sharing and free online data storage service. In which you will get around 15GB free online space and after that if your 15 GB storage becomes full then you will get 5GB and additional online free space. For this, you get the best cloud security feature for Cloud Data Storage. Which will keep your Store Data online safe.

# 4 Apple iCloud:

This is especially for the Apple user if you use Apple iPhone or Apple Computer. So you can use iCloud Online Data Storage Service. You must have an Apple ID for this. This is the most secure cloud storage service with Google and Microsoft. In this you get 5 GB free online storage and if you want more than 5GB of storage, then you have to pay extra money for this.

# 5 Amazon Cloud Drive:

Amazon Cloud Drive is the world’s largest e-commerce company,’s Cloud Storage Service, in this you will also get 5GB free data space, after that you will have to pay money to store it. But if seen from the Purpose of Cloud Security, then it is very good cloud storage because many online marketing companies use Amazon Web Service in their server to store their data. If you have an Android or iOS phone, you can download and use its app.


Friends, in this post we talked about clouds. Along with this, we got information about how to use Best Cloud Storage Service Providers, Security, Storage. Anyway I think those who have a Smartphone. All those people will have knowledge about Cloud Storage, if not, then you can find out from here. Hope you have liked this post and it will be helpful for you. If you have any problem in this post or you have any idea or suggestion about this post. So you must comment on us.

Top 5 cloud storage services in India.Top 5 cloud storage services in 2021.BENEFITS OF CLOUD STORAGE SERVICES.

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