All in One Runtimes Download


All in One Runtimes Download


All in One Runtimes bundles well-known runtimes and browser plug-ins for Windows in one package. The software offers a choice of which packages should and should not be installed. The countdown in the application can be stopped, so you have enough time to make your selection.

Note: The packages contained in the all-in-one runtimes are often no longer required, and some of them are technically out of date. You should have a good reason for installing them so as not to cause unnecessary problems.

All in One Runtimes in the download

The download of All in One Runtimes includes:

  1. All in One Runtimes - Detailed
    All in One Runtimes – Detailed


Installation notes

All in One Runtimes is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 (.1) and Windows 10. After clicking on the EXE file, the installation package is first extracted. You can then choose which packages should be installed.


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