How to increase computer performance?

 How to increase computer performance?

 Is it true that increasing CPU and RAM speed doesn’t increase performance any more, or is there some magic sauce we can use to gain the increase? In order to address these questions, let’s do what computer science teachers often do, study a lot of computer science courses.

Over the years, I’ve studied a lot of computer science courses. I remember studying OpenSSL one time, looking through many pages of code, and seeing something interesting. I didn’t understand the code, and could only write one comment saying that the function was redundant. My friends were surprised, telling me that OpenSSL was supposed to be an extremely fast and powerful way to encrypt data. After studying many random computer science topics, I am still surprised by how little I understand about how the world works.

After studying a few computer science courses, I thought I was more knowledgeable than most of the engineers working with OpenSSL, but this was certainly not true. I could see many times when the

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