Top Universities for MBBS in the USA

MBBS is a degree program in the USA that is valid for students of the BS department. The students must have a degree of Bachelors for applying to MBBS. In this modern world, a study is most for everyone as other necessities. Every parent prefers their child to a better studying platform. They want to learn their child from a great high authority university.

While studying in the USA gives a chance to students to make their lives better. It is a great opportunity to study in the USA as it gives more experience and high-quality education. Most students from different countries prefer the USA estate for their educational setup. Everyone is aware of how much it is beneficial for them.

If you want to figure out the best universities to complete your education by doing MBBS, this article must help you out. It will help you to choose one of the best educational institutions for you.

Top 5 universities for MBBS in the USA;

MBBS is a degree program by which one can achieve goals for being a doctor. Moreover, studying MBBS in the USA is a life-changing decision. It is more beneficial for students because they get more practical knowledge comparison to learning. In the estate of the USA, an MBBS degree is known as MD that means Doctor of Medicine. The USA is the top country when it starts studying medicine and ranks at a high position globally.

So here are the following top 5 universities of the USA that will help you secure your future and career.

Harvard University, Massachusetts;

Harvard University is one of the top universities for MBBS. The study of medicine is a powerful technology in the USA, and most medical students prefer this university for being experienced and for a bright future.

Here every basic detail is provided for joining this university.

  • Eligibility for doing MBBS in Harvard University of USA;
  • Students with having a degree of at least one year through institutions in the United States or Canada.
  • Must have a degree of undergraduates.
  • Must have to complete prerequisite that are certain courses (courses are related to biology, lab work, and chemistry).
  • Must have to do with these before applying for MBBS or MD in the Harvard University of USA.
  • Cost Of Attendance;
  • The tuition fee is 65$. 35000$ required for additional living expenses and health insurance.
  • 20,000 – 50,000 USD per year..

Scholarship Program;

It is a pretty scary amount to affordable for everyone. Meanwhile, Harvard University of USA gives out scholarships for international students. According to a recent report, 819,644 international students are studying at Harvard University USA.

  • The students are awarded a minimum 12, 500 USD for a scholarship.

Stanford University, California;

Moreover, Stanford University is the second top university in the USA for MBBS. It consists of seven academic schools and 40 departments that offer different programs. Here every basic detail is provided for joining this university.

  • Eligibility Criteria;
  • Students must get the best scores for the test of SAT or ACT.
  • The students must need to get high scores for the test TEFOL or EILTS.
  • The applicants must Have perfection in the Personal Essays.
  • The applicants for Harvard University must have a Letter of recommendation for getting admission.
  • The interview is optional, either online or physically.
  • Cost Of Attendance;
  • The tuition and total fee are 481,872 USD.
  • Scholarship Program;
  • Harvard University of USA awards scholarships of 10,000 USD to medical students.

Columbia University, New York;

It is a private university in a beautiful city New York. This university is ranked due to its performance all over the world.

Moreover, here every basic detail is provided for joining this university.

  • Eligibility Criteria;
  • The students must need to have high scores at ACT or SAT
  • The applicants must have Letters of recommendation with the application form.
  • They must prepare for the best interview.
  • Cost of Attendance;
  • Tuition fee is 33,000 USD per semester
  • 60,000 USD per year
  • Scholarship Program;
  • One of the best University Columbia of USA Award Scholarship 500 – 3,000 USD.

John Hopkins University, Maryland;

John Hopkins University is one of the top-rated universities in the medical field. It produced medical leaders who win a noble prize. It provides four years program of MBBS.

Here every basic detail is provided for joining this university.

  • Eligibility Criteria;
  • The students must obtain a high score for the test MCAT
  • The students must have command in a foreign language
  • They must have a medical background study
  • Every applicant must need to write a personal essay perfectly.
  • Cost of Attendance;
  • The tuition fee and total expenses are 70,000 USD per year.
  • Scholarship;
  • Top-rated university of USA, The John Hopkin University award students with the scholarship 10,000 USD as a scholarship

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania;

Many families understand that getting into college is more difficult, especially in elite universities like Pennsylvania. The mission of this university is to define the future.  Here every basic detail is provided for joining this university.

  • Eligibility Criteria;
  • The students must need to have a 3.9 GPA or above.
  • The students must get high scores in the ACT, or SAT must be 1500.
  • The applicants must have perfection to compose essays.
  • Cost of Attendance;
  • The tuition and the total fee expense is 57,770 USD
  • Scholarship program;
  • The University of Pennsylvania offers an average scholarship of about 78% of total expenses.


This article will help you to figure out the best university for your MBBS degree. One thing that is essential to be part of these universities is to have command of English and hence reading and writing skills.Many of the students from these universities have gotten the Nobel prize and more.

So let’s build your future bright and shine.

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